Ambulatory Care Clinic Referrals

Procedure for patient referral to a consulting physician:

  1. Discuss referral with attending in the clinic

  2. Contact the consulting physician by phone
    1. Call the office and ask to speak to the doctor when he/she is free – leave your beeper number with the office staff if the doctor can not talk to you at that time.
    2. Give the doctor a brief history as to why you are asking for a consultation for your patient, informing him/her that you are a resident in the clinic and that your patient does not have insurance.
    3. If the doctor agrees, contact the patient and have them call the office to make an appointment. Instruct the patient that if he/she has any difficulty, they are to call you. Despite the consulting doctor agreeing to see your patient, the message does not always make it to the front-desk. You can call the front-desk and inform them that the doctor did agree to see your patient.
    4. Do not tell the patient that he/she will be seen for free. Some doctors work out payment plans for the patients.

  3. Write a letter to the doctor briefly discussing the problem for which the patient is being referred and the specific question that you would like to have answered. Send clinically significant data, including a summary of care.To refer a patient for GI evaluation – call 7398 and speak to the physician’s assistant who answers the phone. She will set your patient up for the needed procedure. However, you must send a referral letter to the doctor requesting the appropriate tests.

To refer to Parkland Ophthalmology Clinic for Diabetic Eye Exam : give the patient the number ( Clerk has it) and tell them it will take 2 to 3 months for them to get the appointment.

To refer to Parkland Dysplasia Clinic: Call 214- 590-5569 to make verbal referral to Parkland Dysphasia Clinic. Fax a Demographic sheet and the two abnormal pap tests to 214-590-2771. Call the patient and notify them of the referral and that they should call to make an appointment.

Referral to Parkland Clinics: see Red Book in the clinic

Commonly used referrals:

Specialist Physicians Phone Address
Cardiologist Harper Clinic - John Harper, David Harper, Chris Boylan, Vernon Horn

NTHC - Jorge Cheirif, Darryl Kawalsky, Teresa Menendez-Hood

(214) 345-6000

(214) 361-3300

PB 3, Ste. 204

PB 4, Ste. 700
Pulmonologist Wyatt Rousseau, Gary Weinstein, Kenny Weinmeister, Suneel Kumar, Munir Hazbun, Rebecca Doebele (214) 361-9777 PB 2, Ste. 408
Gastroenterologists Peter Loeb, Michael Nunez, William Stevens, Kim Persley, Rajeev Jain

Howard Weiner

Kanthi Yalamanchili

Sami Arslanlar
(214) 345-7398

(214) 363-0687

(214) 360-9877

(214) 368-6707

PB 3, Ste. 610

PB 1, Ste. 212

7515 Greenville, #706

PB 2, Ste. 214

Neurologist Connie Chen, Duc Tran, Anna Tseng, Steven Gerhardt, Daniel Krampitz, Richard Hinton, Brian Sorin, Samir Shah (214) 750-9977 7517 Greenville, #400
Endocrinologist Richard Sachson, Steve Dorfman, Stephen Aronoff, Audrey Miklius (214) 363-5535 10260 N. Central Expwy., Ste. 100
Dermatologist Elizabeth Dolan: (accepts Medicaid and Medicare)

Peter Hino and James Herndon
(817) 429-8881

(214) 739-5821
10611 Garland Rd, Ste. 113

PB 3, Ste. 500
General Surgery Tom Shires, Andres Katz, Ernest Beecherl, Richard Anderson, Robert Hagood

Sydney Jones

(214) 369-5432

(214) 363-7209
PB 3, Ste. 408

PB 1, Ste. 814
Vascular Surgery David Fosdick, Melvin Platt, William Ryan, Humam Kakish

Russell Lam
(214) 692-6135

(214) 345-5660
PB 3, Ste. 208

PB2, Suite 616
Neurosurgeons Jerry Marlin

Richard Jackson, Michael Desaloms, Jeremy Denning
(214) 363-2587

(214) 750-3646
PB 2, Ste. 604

PB 3, Ste. 220
Orthopedics: Hip and Knee Replacement Paul Peters

Mike Champine
(214) 220-2469

(214) 750-1207
9301 N. Central Expwy., Ste.400

PB 1, Ste. 130
Orthopedics: Shoulders Tim Schacherer (214) 750-1207 PB 1, Ste. 130