Geriatrics Knowledge Curriculum/Log:  (P=Patient, R=Reading, L=Lectures)
Learning Methods:

Patients:  It is advisable that the resident keep a log of the patients seen in order to direct his/her reading and future patient experience.  Lectures and reading will facilitate learning.


Up to Date:  Current, concise, referenced, and available in the clinic
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: Clinical Information
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: Quality Assessment
National Guidelines.Clearinghouse  

  1. Primary Prevention Practice
  2. Secondary Prevention Practice
  3. Risk Stratification for:
CVA Renal Failure
Cancer Drug Toxicities
Osteoporosis Addictive Diseases
Falls Hepatitis
  1. Use of Evidence Based Guidelines for the management of:
Asthma Depression
CAD Anxiety
CVA Addiction
CHF Pain
COPD End of Life
Osteoporosis Hepatitis B and C
Osteoarthritis Respiratory Tract Infections
Hypertension Urinary Tract Infections
Non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding
Hyperlipidemia PUD
Pre-operative medical evaluation GERD