Geriatrics Curriculum: Cardiovascular Cases

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Case 1:
80 year old male presents to your office for routine visit. His BP is 150/70, P-88, weight 150 lbs. Would you consider him hypertensive? Would you treat him? Give the evidence to support your decision.

Case 2:
80 yowm presents due to increased DOE while exercising. He walked 30 minutes reaching a HR of 100 until 1 week ago when he noted that he could only walk about 20 minutes before getting SOB. Describe the aging physiology responsible for thee symptoms. What diagnostic studies would you order? How would you treat this patient.


Case 3:
81 yowf presents to your office for routine evaluation. She takes no meds, exercises 4 times a week, eats a heart healthy diet and is active in her community. Her BP is 139/70. Her BMI is 25. She does not smoke. Her FLP reveals a Total chol of 230 with and LDL of 170 and HDL of 60. Would you treat her? Why or why not/


Case 4:

88 year old female with c/o fatigue. She has a h/o CAD, htn, hyperlipidemia, and smokes. She now becomes tired when walking i/2 the length of her hall. 2 weeks ago she could walk the entire length. What is her problem? How would you evaluate her?


Case 5:
80 year old male with chest pain and ST elevation in lead V2V3. Manage!