Journal Club 2017-2018 Schedule

Before selecting an article please check the YTD and 2016-2017 previous articles to see if the paper has already been reviewed. If you need an electronic pdf of the article, please contact Sherie Strang at x7881.
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Articles and discussants: December 12, 2017  

Discussants: J. Gill, MBB and J. Baby, MBBS

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Mepolizumab for Eosinophilic Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease & Appendix (JG)


Fremanezumab for the Preventive Treatment of Chronic Migraine (JB)




Future articles and discussants:  
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Future articles and discussants:  
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Journal Club Assignments
Date 2017 Discussant Date 2018 Discussant
June 27 J. Gill & D. Soleja January 2 A. Assaf & M. Harada
July 11 J. Baby & R. Hosein January 16 B. Jones & B. Yohannan
July 25 E. Christensen & J. Roman January 30 J. Kingsley & J. Philip
August 1 S. Sundaresan & N. Sudhekar February 6 D. Kasindi & D. Reikher
August 15 U. Ukoha & J. Philip February 20 U. Ukoha & D. Nguyen
August 29 E. Trejo & D. Kasindi March 6 G. Tumyan & N. Sudhekar
September 12 J. Kingsley & D. Nguyen March 20 B. Yohannan & J. Roman
September 26 D. Reikher & G. Tumyan April 3 B. Jones & M. Harada
October 10 A. Assaf & V. Kaila April 17 E. Christensen & D. Serrano
October 24 L. Ausama & D. Serrano May 1 L. Ausama & V Kaila
November 28 N. Gupta & S. Sundaresan May 15 E. Trejo & N. Gupta
December 12 J. Gill & J. Baby    
Assignments Last
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