Journal Club 2022-2023 Year to Date Articles
June 28, 2022: Tabba, Singh
Effects of Relaxing Breathing Paired with Cardiac Biofeedback on Performance and Relaxation during Critical Simulated Situations: A Prospective Randomized Controlled Trial (ST)
Effect of Weekly Subcutaneous Semaglutide vs Daily Liraglutide on Body Weight in Adults with Overweight or Obesity Without Diabetes. The Step 8 Randomized Clinical Trial (AS)
July 12, 2022: Farrington, Narula

Association of the “Weekend-Warrior” and Other Leisure-time Physical Activity Patterns With All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality (TF)

Intravenous Vitamin C in Adults with Sepsis in the Intensive Care Unit (SN)

July 26, 2022: Hsu, Singh

Adagrasib in Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer Harboring a KRASG12C Mutation (SH)

Effect of Antiplatelet Therapy on Survival and Organ Support–Free Days in Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19 (AS)

August 9, 2022: McKenzie, Buddha

Supplemental Vitamin D and Incident Fractures in Midlife and Older Adults (PM)

Effect of Alirocumab Added to High-Intensity Statin Therapy on Coronary Atherosclerosis in Patients With Acute Myocardial Infarction (MB) 

August 23, 2022: Taye, Shah

Randomized Trial of Metformin, Ivermectin, and Fluvoxamine for Covid-19 (TT)

Tirzepatide Once Weekly for the Treatment of Obesity (ZS) 

September 6, 2022: Martinez, Bhattarai

Low-Dose Subcutaneous or Intravenous Monoclonal Antibody to Prevent Malaria (LM)

Dapagliflozin in Heart Failure with Mildly Reduced or Preserved Ejection Fraction (UB)

September 20, 2021: Kabani, Fan

Acetazolamide in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure with Volume Overload and Supplementary Appendix (AK) 

Thyroidectomy without Radioiodine in Patients with Low-Risk Thyroid Cancer (EF)

October 4, 2022: Brown, Plumber

Effectiveness of Early Time-Restricted Eating for Weight Loss, Fat Loss, and Cardiometabolic Health in Adults With Obesity (AB) 

Multicenter, Randomized Trial of a Bionic Pancreas in Type 1 Diabetes (AP)
October 18, 2022: Farrington, Garza

Bronchodilators in Tobacco-Exposed Persons with Symptoms and Preserved Lung Function (TF)

Percutaneous Revascularization for Ischemic Left Ventricular Dysfunction (DG) 

November 1, 2022: Momin, Plumber

Haloperidol for the Treatment of Delirium in ICU Patients (AM)

Effect of Colonoscopy Screening on Risks of Colorectal Cancer and Related Death (AP)

November 22, 2022: Tabba, Zhu

Albuterol–Budesonide Fixed-Dose Combination Rescue Inhaler for Asthma (ST)

Polypill Strategy in Secondary Cardiovascular Prevention (HZ)

December 6, 2022: Shah, Rose

Rivaroxaban in Rheumatic Heart Disease–Associated Atrial Fibrillation (ZS)

Olokizumab versus Placebo or Adalimumab in Rheumatoid Arthritis (ER)

January 3, 2023: Hosseini, Zhu

Defibrillation Strategies for Refractory Ventricular Fibrillation (PH)

Prostate Cancer Screening with PSA and MRI Followed by Targeted Biopsy Only (HZ)

January 17, 2023: Tseng, Momin

Exercise Volume Versus Intensity and the Progression of Coronary Atherosclerosis in Middle-Aged and Older Athletes: Findings From the MARC-2 Study (JT)

Lecanemab in Early Alzheimer's Disease (AM)

January 31, 2023: Hosseini, Garza

Correlates and Consequences of an Acute Change in eGFR in Response to the SGLT2 Inhibitor Dapagliflozin in Patients with CKD (PH)

Early Restrictive or Liberal Fluid Management for Sepsis-Induced Hypotension (DG) 

February 14, 2023: Sudheer, Hulgan

Triglyceride Lowering with Pemafibrate to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk (NS)

PCSK9 Inhibition During the Inflammatory Stage of SARS-CoV-2 Infection (DH)

February 28, 2023: Fan, Narula

Two-Year Outcomes of Valoctocogene Roxaparvovec Therapy for Hemophilia A (EF)

Effect of Cefepime/Enmetazobactam vs Piperacillin/Tazobactam on Clinical Cure and Microbiological Eradication in Patients With Complicated Urinary Tract Infection or Acute Pyelonephritis A Randomized Clinical Trial (SN)

March 14, 2023: Sudheer, Estes

Effect of Extending the Duration of Prequit Treatment With Varenicline on Smoking Abstinence A Randomized Clinical Trial (NS)

Doxycycline for the prevention of progression of COVID-19 to severe disease requiring intensive care unit (ICU) admission: A randomized, controlled, open-label, parallel group trial (WE)

April 11, 2023: Afunugo

Aspirin or Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin for Thromboprophylaxis after a Fracture (WA)


April 25, 2023: Buddha, Brown

Web-Based Educational Intervention for Patients With Uninvestigated Dyspepsia Referred for Upper Gastrointestinal Tract Endoscopy (MB)

Association Between Daily Alcohol Intake and Risk of All-Cause Mortality A Systematic Review and Meta-analyses (AB)

May 9, 2023: Tseng, Estes

Anthropometric measures and adverse outcomes in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction: revisiting the obesity paradox (JT)

Subclinical Coronary Atherosclerosis and Risk for Myocardial Infarction in a Danish Cohort (WE)

May 23, 2023: Rose, Hulgan

Nicotinamide for Skin-Cancer Chemoprevention in Transplant Recipients (ER)

Long-term efficacy and safety of inclisiran in patients with high cardiovascular risk and elevated LDL cholesterol (ORION-3): results from the 4-year open-label extension of the ORION-1 trial (DH)
June 6, 2023: Afunugo, McKenzie

Randomized Trial of BCG Vaccine to Protect against Covid-19 in Health Care Workers (WA)

Hydrocortisone in Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia (PM)