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Allergy References and Lecture Schedule
Teaching conference
Int Med Grand Rounds
Clinical Grand Rounds
Date Lecture Topic Speaker References
06/09/22 Eosinophilic Disorders TBD  
04/28/22 Rhinitis (Allergic and other) TBD  
03/24/22 Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis and ABPA TBD  
02/09/22 Allergy Grand Rounds TBD  
02/02/22 Allergy Grand Rounds TBD  
10/11/21 Guidelines for Chronic Astma Management D. Wierzbicki, MD  
06/10/21 Reveiw of MKSAP Allergy Questions L. Gross, MD  
04/29/21 Adverse Reactions to Vaccines D. Wierzbicki, MD  
03/25/21 How To Take A Good Allergy History M. Feldman, MD  
02/24/21 Evaluation and Management of Adverse Reactions to Vaccines John Kelso, MD  
02/17/21 Identification of At-Risk Individuals from Particulate Matter Air Pollution David Diaz-Sanchez, MD  
10/12/20 Common Variable Immunodeficiency M. Feldman, MD  
06/11/20 Rhinitis (Allergic and Other) D. Wierzbicki, MD  
04/30/20 Food Allergies L. Gross, MD  
03/26/20 Urticaria and Angioedema - Presentation Cancelled M. Feldman, MD  
02/26/20 Update in Asthma: Understanding Treatment Options Jeffrey Chambliss, MD  
02/19/20 Asthma and Allergic Diseases During Pregnancy Jennifer A. Namazy, MD  
10/14/19 Anaphylaxis G. Gross, MD  
05/20/19 Choosing Wisely G. Gross, MD  
04/01/19 Asthma Masqueraders L. Gross, MD  
02/27/19 Chronic Sinusitis Matthew Feldman, MD  
02/13/19 Mast Cell Activation Syndromes: from Anaphylaxis to Mastocytosis, the Role of KIT Mutations Maria C. Castells, MD, Ph.D  
10/26/18 Drug Allergy D. Wierzbicki, MD  
10/15/18 Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis and ABPA M. Feldman, MD  
09/20/18 Eosinophilic Disorders D. Wierzbicki, MD  
04/02/18 Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy G. Gross, MD  
02/28/18 The Other Food Allergies Christopher Parrish, MD  
02/21/18 Why IS that Woman Coughing Gary Gross, MD  
10/16/17 How To Take a Good Allergy History M. Feldman, MD  
09/21/17 Immunodeficiencies D. Wierzbicki, MD  
04/03/17 Food Allergies M. Ruff, MD  
03/02/17 Urticaria and Angioedema M. Feldman, MD  
02/27/17 Anaphylaxis G. Gross, MD  
02/08/17 Practical Management of Rhinosinusitis Matthew Ryan, MD  
02/01/17 Mast Cell Disorders Min Jung Lee, MD  
10/24/16 Rhinitis D. Wierzbicki, MD  
06/13/16 Hymenoptera D. Wierzbicki, MD  
04/04/16 Bee & Fire Ant Allergy S. Daulat, MD  
03/03/16 Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis and ABPA M. Feldman, MD  
02/24/16 Immunizations in Adult Patients Christian Wysocki, MD  
02/17/16 Problem Based Learning: Balancing Safety and Efficacy of Asthma Therapy David P. Skoner, MD  
10/26/15 Guidelines for Chronic Asthma Management M. Ruff, MD  
06/08/15 Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy G. Gross, MD  
04/06/15 Introduction to Toxicology K. Sharma, MD  
04/02/15 Eosinophilic Disorders D. Wierzbicki, MD  
03/12/15 How To Take a Good Allergy History Matt Feldman, MD  
03/05/15 Eosinophilic Disorders -CANCELED D. Wierzbicki, MD  
02/11/15 Speech Therapy Treatment for VCD/Chronic Cough Janis Deane, MD and Amy Hamilton, MA, CCC-SLP  
02/04/15 Common Variable Immunodeficiency and Its Complications Christian Wysocki, MD  
10/27/14 Sinusitis (Chronic and Acute) D. Wierzbicki, MD  
06/09/14 Advances in Allergy/Immunology Identified Through Recent Literature M. Ruff, MD  
04/07/14 Food Allergies D. Wierzbicki, MD  
03/06/14 Anaphylaxis and More G. Gross, MD  
02/26/14 Toxicology or Toxic Nonsense? Kapil Sharma, MD  
02/19/14 The Bacterial Microbiome in Asthma and COPD: Old Meets New Everett Rand Sutherland, MD  
10/28/13 Drug Allergies S. Daulat, MD  
06/10/13 Urticaria and Angioedema D. Wierzbicki, MD  

What an Internist Should Know About Allergy and Allergists

G. Gross, MD  
03/07/13 What's New inAllergy & Asthma 2013 M. Ruff, MD  
02/13/12 Urticaria & Angiodema: From the Bizarre to the Mundane David Khan, MD  
02/06/12 Update on Diagnosis and Management of Rhinosinusitis Pete Batra, MD, FACS  
10/29/12 Common Variable Immunodeficiency D. Wierzbicki, MD  
06/11/12 Sinusitis G. Gross, MD  
04/09/12 Outpatient Asthma Management D. Wierzbicki, MD  
02/29/12 Dissecting Eosinophilic Esophagitis Step by Step and Patient by Patient - Live VideoConference Marc Rothenberg, MD, Ph.D  
02/22/12 What the Internist Needs to Know about Drug Allergies David Khan, MD  
01/02/12 Review of latest NIH Treatment Guidelines - Cancelled TBA  
10/31/11 Ocular Allergy D. Wierzbicki, MD  
06/13/11 Allergic Aspergillosis G. Gross, MD  
04/11/11 Food Allergies D. Wierzbicki, MD  
02/09/11 Dissecting Eosinophilic Esophagitis Step by Step and Patient by Patient - Live VideoConference Marc E. Rothenberg, MD, Ph.D  
02/02/11 What Causes Recurrent Candidiasis - Cancelled Maite de la Morena, MD  
01/03/11 Anaphylaxis G. Gross, MD  
11/08/10 Urticaria D. Wierzbicki, MD  
06/14/10 Immunodeficiency M. Ruff, MD  
04/12/10 Drug Allergy D. Wierzbicki, MD  
02/10/10 Advances in the Treatment of Food Allergies J. Andrew Bird, MD  
02/03/10 Alergic Rhinitis-from Snow White to the 21st Century Gary Gross, MD  
01/04/09 Urticaria S. Laurie, MD  
11/09/09 Asthma D. Wierzbicki, MD  
06/15/09 Immunotherapy for Allergic Disease S. Laurie, MD  
04/13/09 Rhinitis G. Gross, MD  
02/25/09 Anaphylaxis: Facts, Fallacies and the Fantastic David A. Khan, MD  
02/18/09 Fire Ants Theodore M. Freeman, MD  
01/5/09 Review of the Latest NIH Treatment Guidelines for Chronic Asthma M. Ruff, MD  
11/10/08 Urticaria and Angioedema S. Laurie, MD ppt
06/16/08 Allergic Aspergillosis G. Gross, MD  
04/14/08 Food Allergies M. Ruff, MD  
02/20/08 History of Inhaler Devices Gene L. Colice, MD  
02/13/08 Drug Allergy: New Insights, New Dilemmas Mark S. Dykewicz, MD  
01/07/08 Asthma G. Gross, MD  
11/12/07 Urticaria M. Ruff, MD  
06/18/07 Immunodeficiency M. Ruff, MD  
04/09/07 Drug Allergy G. Gross, MD  
01/15/07 Uticaria S. Laurie, MD  
11/13/06 Asthma Therapy - Long Acting Beta Agonist G. Gross, MD  
06/05/06 Immunotherapy S. Laurie, MD  
04/10/06 Rhinitis G. Gross, MD ppt
02/08/06 Primary Immunodeficiencies for the Internist Maite de la Morena, MD  
02/01/06 Sinusitis Bradley Marple, MD  
01/16/06 What's New in Allergy M. Ruff, MD ppt
11/14/05 Anaphylaxis S. Laurie, MD ppt
04/11/05 Food Allergies M. Ruff, MD  
02/23/05 Urticaria and Angioedema: Clinical Models for Molecular Medicine D. Huston, MD  
02/16/05 Imported Fire Ants: 50 Years of Death and Destruction D. Khan, MD  
01/17/05 Asthma M. Ruff, MD ppt, NAEPP Guidelines
11/20/04 Urticaria S. Laurie, MD ppt (pending)
04/08/04 Drug Allergy R Grachala, MD ppt
03/01/04 Urticaria Gary Gross, MD pdf
02/18/04 Watch Your Step: Aspirin and NSAID Allergy Sonak B. Daulat, MD  
02/11/04 Relevance of Allergens to the Increase in Asthma Thomas Platts-Mills, MD  
02/04/04 "I Think I am Allergic to Snow” S. Laurie, MD  
01/19/04 Immunodeficiency M. Ruff, MD ppt
05/05/03 Asthma Board Review J. Lee, MD  
04/14/03 Sinusitis Gary Gross, MD ppt
03/06/03 Allergic Rhinitis S. Laurie, MD  
02/12/03 Advances in the Understanding and Treatment of Primary Immunodeficiency Disease R. Buckley, MD  
01/17/03 Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis G. Gross, MD  
12/18/02 Common Variable Immunodeficiency M Ruff MD citations