CPC Protocols

The case is enclosed. The protocol will also be distributed no later than the Monday of the week of the CPC to the residents.

On Friday, a resident of faculty member will review the salient features of the case. (This is a bit redundant, but not everyone who comes will have read the protocol.) There will be extra copies of the protocol available for people as they come in, in case they didn't read it ahead of time, read it or lost it.

If and only if there are pertinent imaging studies, the radiologist presents these for 5 minutes.

You, the discussant, should spend around 30 minutes discussing the protocol. Please focus on the differential diagnosis and, if relevant, the workup and management the patient received. Was it appropriate?

After you are finished and suggest a diagnosis, Dr. Feldman or the chief resident will read the diagnoses suggested by the residents. Then, the pathologist will spend 5-10 minutes presenting the pathology (autopsy, surgical pathology, biopsy result) or key lab test that confirms the diagnosis. They may also discuss the disease process, especially if it is rare or unusual, since the discussant may not even have mentioned it or have just mentioned it briefly.

Finally, there will be a brief period for Q&A session and for final summary comments by the discussant.