Policy And Procedure For Vacation Time
In Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas
Graduate Medical Education Training Programs
Policy Number: 3
Date Issued: 1994
Prior Revision Date:09/2010
  Date Revised: 07/2013

PURPOSE To define the policy and procedure for medical students, interns, residents and fellows (hereafter referred to as trainees) taking vacation time.
SCOPE Applies to all trainees who are employed in approved graduate medical education training programs sponsored by Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas (THD).

Trainees are eligible to vacation time each year. The total number of vacation days allowed to the trainee will be determined by each individual program and indicated in their respective polies and procedures. Vacation time is available for any reason except for days off resulting from a work-related injury or illness or short-term or long-term disability, to which a separate policies apply. Examples of uses of vacation time include vacation, illness, illness of a dependent, bereavement, maternity, professional leave, and holidays. Each medical residency training program will have a detailed department policy for requesting or scheduling vacation time.

Vacation time must be used within the tweleve-month period during which it is earned. Any vacation time accrued during a twelve-month period and not used will be forfeited, unless otherwise indicated by the trainee's program.

A trainee taking leave of absence may use vacation days during his/her leave of absence. Please reference the Graduate Medical Education Leave of Absence Policy for Physicians In Approved Graduate Medical Education Programs at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

A trainee taking more than the allotted number of vacation days per twelve-month period will be required to make up any days exceeding the allotted number of days during such period in order to advance to the next year or graduate.

Medical Director, Graduate Medical Education

Chief Medical Officer