Graduate Medical Education
Policy and Procedure on Physician Health and Well-Being
Policy Number: 5
Date Issued: 1994
Prior Revision Date:10/2010
  Date Revised: 07/2013

PURPOSE This policy describes the procedures to be followed when a participant in a Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas graduate medical education program exhibits signs of untreated mental or physical illness or is reasonably suspected of abusing or misusing drugs or alcohol. This policy is developed in conjunction with the Texas Health Drug Free Workplace Policy.
SCOPE  This policy applies to all medical students, interns, residents and fellows (hereafter all will be referred to as "trainees") who are approved to participate in graduate medical education programs sponsored by Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas.

Any trainee reasonably suspected to be exhibiting behavioral signs indicative of untreated mental or physical illness or abuse or misuse of alcohol or drugs should be reported immediately to the Program Director. The trainee in question will meet with the Program Director who will communicate the allegation(s).

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas will test any trainee for drugs or alcohol who is reasonably suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol or who is involved in a work related injury in accordance with the Texas Health Drug Free Workplace Policy. The Program Director or the Assigned Faculty Attending may require the trainee to give a blood or urine same at the initial meeting.

If the suspicion is confirmed by positive test results, the Program Director will contact the committee on Physician Health and Well Being to assist the Program Director in the management of the trainee. The Program Director has the discretion to either terminate the trainee from the program or require the trainee to enter a rehabilitation program.

The trainee who is found to have a medical or psychiatric condition, which interferes with the provision of care to patients, may be relieved of his/her duties and given a leave of absence to receive treatment. Following treatment, the trainee will meet with the Committee on Physician Health and Well Being and a recommendation will be made to the Program Director concerning the trainee’s return to work.

The trainee will have all of the resources provided to employees of Texas Health Resources (THR) through the confidential Employee Assistance Program including assistance for stress and anxiety, family problems, depression, career pressures, and alcohol and drug use, abuse or misuse.

The trainee will be terminated immediately for a repeated confirmed violation of the provisions of the Texas Health Drug Free Workplace Policy. The trainee will not be provided the option to enter into a rehabilitation program for a second time.


Texas Health Drug Free Workplace Policy

Medical Director, Graduate Medical Education

Chief Medical Officer