2013 - 2014 Potpourri Conference Schedule




Friday, June 28

Abiha Husain, DO and Arjun Mittra, MD

Wednesday, July 10

Ripa Chakravorty, MD

Friday, July 12 Janice Mullins, DO and Julie Kennedy, MD

Friday, July 26

Henia Abid, DO and Feng Jiang, MD

Wednesday, August 7

Lu Pan, MD

Friday, August 9

Jennifer Thompson, DO and Aimee Lam, MD

Friday, August 23 Heather Wainstein, MD and Terry Le, MD
Wednesday, September 4 Sana Hemani, DO
Friday, September 6

Janice Mullins, DO and Roma Patel, MD

Friday, September 20

George Nazarewicz, MD and Mary Guirguis, MD

Wednesday, October 2 Janice Mullins, DO

Friday, October 4

Elizabeth Chako, DO and Lu Pan, MD

Friday, October 25

Jannifer Thompson, DO and Christy Wang, MD

Wednesday, November 6

Abiha Husain, DO

Thursday, November 14

Abiha Husain, DO and Henia Abid, DO

Wednesday, December 4 Heather Wainstein, MD

Thursday, December 5

Aimee Lam, MD and Robert Lynch, MD

Thursday, December 19

Sana Hemani, DO and Alicia Perry, MD


Wednesday, January 8 Henia Abid, DO
Thursday, January 9 Stehanie Sbong, MD and Julie Kennedy, MD

Thursday, January 16

Arjun Mittra, MD and Ripa Chakravorty, MD

Thursday, January 30

Christy Wang, MD and Roma Patel, MD

Wednesday, February 5

Jennifer Thompson, DO

Friday, February 14 Stephanie Sbong, MD and Feng Jiang, MD
Friday, February 28 Jordan Owens, MD and Sana Hemani, DO
Wednesday, March 5

Julie Kennedy, MD

Friday, March 14

Abiha Husain, DO and Mary Guirguis, MD

Friday, March 28 Jordan Owens, MD

Wednesday, April 2

Elizabeth Chacko, DO

Friday, April 11

Terry Le, MD and Robert Lynch, MD

Friday, April 25

Lu Pan, MD and R. Gill, MBBS

Wednesday, May 7

Stephanie Sbong, MD

Friday, May 9 Heather Wainstein, MD and Brandon Fuqua, MD

Friday, May 23

George Nazarewicz, MD and Brandon Fuqua, MD

Wednesday, June 4

Arjun Mittra, MD - Canceled will present on July 9th

Friday, June 6 Ripa Chakravorty, MD and Alicia Topoll, MD

Last Updated: 06/04/14