2017 - 2018 Potpourri Conference Schedule




Friday, July 14

Binoy Yohannan, MBBS and Daniel Reikher, MD

Friday, July 28

James Kingsley, MD and Rachael Hosein, MBBS

Friday, August 4 Vishal Kaila, MD and David Serrano, MD

Friday, August 25

Jasmeet Gill, MBBS and Lauren Ausama, MD

Friday, September 8

Natasha Gupta, DO and Jorge Roman, MD

Friday, September 29

Eduardo Trejo, MD and Swaminathan Sundaresan, MD

Thursday, October 12 Rachael Hosein, MBBS and Marika Harada, MD
Thursday, October 26 Daniel Reikher, MD and Justin Philip, MD
Thursday, November 9 Derek Nguyen, MD and Andrew Assaf, MD

Thursday, November 30

James Kingsley, MD and Jasmeet Gill, MBBS

Thursday, December 14 Danial Soleja, MD and Binoy Yohannan, MBBS

Thursday, January 11

Dominique Kasindi, MD and Derek Nguyen, MD

Thursday, January 25

Jorge Roman, MD and Uzoamaka Ukoha, MD

Friday, February 9

Eduardo Trejo, MD and Benjamin Jones, MD

Friday, February 23 Eric Christensen, MD and Nivedit Sudhekar, MBBS
Friday, March 9 Marika Harada, MD and Vishal Kaila, MD
Friday, March 23

David Serrano, MD and Swaminathan Sundaresan, MD

Friday, March 30

Lauren Ausama, MD and Natasha Gupta, DO

Friday, April 6 Justin Philip, MD and Gayane Tumyan, MD

Friday, April 20

Danial Soleja, MD and Dominique Kasindi, MD

Friday, May 4

Jyothi Baby, MBBS and Eric Christensen, MD

Friday, May 18

Andrew Assaf, MD

Tuesday, May 29

Uzoamaka Ukoha, MD and Nivedita Sudhekar, MBBS

Friday, June 15 Jyothi Baby, MBBS and Benjamin Jones, MD

Last Updated: 05/18/18