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Nephrology References and Lecture Schedule
Int Med Grand Rounds
Clinical Grand Rounds
07/25 Ask the Expert ~ Q&A Session T. Patel, MD  
07/22/24 Nephrolithiasis T. Patel, MD  
07/19/24 Ask the Expert ~ Q&A Session S. Kumar, MD  
07/16/24 Acute Kidney Injury, Pt. 1 S. Kumar, MD  
07/15/24 Ask the Expert ~ Q&A Session B. Wall, MD  
07/12/24 Chronic Kidney Failure and Dialysis B. Wall, MD  
07/11/24 Ask the Expert ~ Q&A Session T. Patel, MD  
07/17/24 Onconephrology: The Emerging Frontier Sreedhar Mandayam, MD, MPH, MBA  
07/10/24 Autosomal Doninant Polcystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD) Ronak Lakhia, MD  
07/08/24 Hyponatremia 4 Disorders of Water Balance T. Patel, MD  
07/05/24 Ask the Expert ~ Q&A Session T. Aijboye, MD  
07/02/24 Approach to the Patient with Kidney Disease T. Ajiboye, MD  
05/06/24 Renal Disease in Multiple Myeloma B. Iqbal, MD  
04/15/24 Hepatorenal Syndrome T. Ajiboye, MD  
03/11/24 Renal Cystic Disease Adnann Polani, MD  
02/12/24 Nephrolithiasis T. Ajiboye, MD  
01/15/24 Cardiorenal Syndrome C. Corpier, MD  
11/27/23 Herbs and Heavy Metals T. Patel, MD  
11/02/23 Out to Pasture T. Patel, MD  
10/30/23 Diuretics: Basics and Controversies S. Kumar, MD  
09/07/23 AKI, Etiology/Diagnosis/Management C. Sanchez-Hanson, MD  
08/03/23 MKSAP Review of Nephrology Questions T. Patel, MD  
06/28/23 Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation: One Size Does Not Fit All David M. Wojciechowski, D.O.  
06/21/23 Endovascular Fistula Options for Dialysis Patients Neghae Mawla, MD, FASDIN  
06/14/23 How Metabolism Could Change our Approach to Acute Kidney Injury Samir M. Parikh, MD  
06/07/23 Exciting Times in Nephrology, Flozins and the Kidney Roberto L. Collazo-Maldonado, MD, FACP, FASN  
05/08/23 Diabetic Nephropathy S. Rizwan, MD  
04/17/23 Metabolic Acidosis M. Hussain, MD  
03/13/23 MKSAP Review of Nephrology Questions T. Patel, MD  
02/06/23 End Stage Kidney Disease ~ Eval. & Mgmt. M. Azam, MD  
01/16/23 Hyponatremia M. Hussain, MD  
10/31/11 Clinical Evaluation of Kidney Function J. Gill, MD  
09/08/22 MKSAP Review of Nephrology Questions T. Patel, MD  
07/14/22 IVF Workshop Sumit Kumar, MD  
06/22/22 What's New & What's Hot in Kidney Transplantation Bernard V. Fischbach, MD, CCRP  
06/15/22 Acute Kidney Injury (AKI): Risk-Stratification, Outcomes and Recovery Javier A. Neyra, MD, MS  
06/08/22 Lupus Nephritis in 2022 Ramesh Saxena, MD, Ph.D, FASN  
06/01/22 Who Should be Dialyzed? Patient Selection Resurfaces as a Major Ethical Issue in Dialysis Alvin H. Moss, MD, FACP, FAAHPM  
05/09/22 Hepatorenal Sumit Kumar, MD  
04/18/22 Cardiorenal Syndrome S. Rizwan, MD  
03/14/22 Renal Cystic Disease B. Wall, MD  
02/07/22 Kidney Stone C. Osifeso, MD  
01/17/22 Renal Disease in Multiple Myeloma M. Hussain, MD  
11/01/21 Resistant HTN M. Azam, MD  
09/09/21 AKI-Etiology/ Diagnosis/ Management Surachit Kumar, MD  
07/08/21 MKSAP Review of Nephrology Questions T. Patel, MD  
06/23/21 Acute Kidney Injury in Cirrhotics and Outcomes Bekir Tanriover, MD, MPH, MBA, FAST  
06/16/21 You Say CIN, I Say CAN...Let's Call the Whole Thing Off: The New Science of Contrast Nephropathy Joel M. Topf, MD  
06/09/21 Acute Kidney Injury (AKI): Risk-Stratification, Outcomes and Recovery Javier A. Neyra, MD, MSCS  
06/02/21 Hyperkalemia: Don't Pani-K Michael R. Wiederkehr, MD, FACP, FASN  
05/13/21 Herbs and Heavy Metals T. Patel, MD  
05/10/21 HIV and Renal Disease M. Hussain, MD  
04/01/21 Hypokalemia/Hyperkalemia S. Rizwan, MD  
03/15/21 CKD: Evaluation and Management B. Wall, MD  
02/01/21 Pregnancy and Renal Disease M. Azam, MD  
01/18/21 Diuretics S. Kumar, MD  
11/02/20 Nephrolithiasis G. Proctor, MD  
09/10/20 Diabetic Nephropathy T. Patel, MD  
07/13/20 MKSAP Review of Nephrology Questions S. Kumar, MD  
06/24/20 Acute Kidney Injury in Cirrhotics and Outcomes -Presentation Cancelled Bekir Tanriover, MD, MPH, MBA, FAST  
06/17/20 You Say CIN, I Say CAN...Let's Call theWhole Thing Off: The New Science of Contrast Nephropathy -Presentation Cancelled Joel M. Topf, MD  
06/10/20 Acute Kidney Injury (AKI): Risk-Stratification, Outcomes and Recovery -Presentation Cancelled Javier A. Neyra, MD, MSCS  
06/03/20 Hyperkalemia: Don't Pani-K -Presentation Cancelled Michael R. Wiederkehr, MD, FACP, FASN  
05/08/20 Primary GN G. Proctor, MD  
05/04/20 Hyponatremia S. Rizwan, MD  
04/02/20 Diabetic Nephropathy -Presentation Cancelled T. Patel, MD  
03/16/20 Primary GN - Presentation Cancelled G. Proctor, MD  
02/03/20 Metabolic Acidosis M. Hussain, MD  
01/20/20 Urinalysis and Hematuria Evaluation B. Wall, MD  
01/02/20 AKI-Etiology/Diagnosis/Management S. Kumar, MD / S. Kaiser, MD  
09/12/19 IV Fluids Workshop S. Kumar, MD / S. Kaiser, MD  
07/15/19 Review of MKSAP Nephrology Questions M. Azam, MD  
06/26/19 ICD-Pieces: An Embedded Pragmatic Trial to Improve Care for Patients with CKD, Diabetes and Hypertension-Implementation in THR and Large Health Systems Miguel A. Vazquez, MD  
06/19/19 Peritoneal Dialysis Shani Shastri, MD, MPH, MS  
06/12/19 Recent Clinical Outcome Trials in Diabetic Nephropathy-Will They Change Management Rajiv Agarwal, MBBS, MD, MS, FASN, BRCU  
05/22/19 My 4 Decades of Journey in the Field of Hypertension: Lessons, Facts, and Figures but No Regrets C. Venkata S. Ram, MD, MACP, FACC, FASH  
06/10/19 Communication in Serious Illness...Why It Matters C. Sanchez-Hanson, MD  
05/06/19 Burn Out S. Rinner, MD  
04/04/19 Office Nephrology: Management of Chronic Kidney Disease T. Patel, MD  
03/11/19 Bad to the Bone MBD CKD G. Proctor, MD  
02/18/19 Management of CKD S. Rizwan, MD  
01/21/19 Drugs and AKI M. Hussain, MD  
11/09/18 Nephrology MKSAP Questions S. Kumar, MD  
09/13/18 Midnight Dialysis B. Wall, MD  
07/16/18 Hyponatremia and Hypernatremia J. Schwartz, MD  
06/27/18 Peritoneal Dialysis Shani Shastri, MD, MPH, MS  
06/20/18 Cases from the MGH: Something New, Something Old Andrew Z. Fenves, MD  
06/13/18 Clinical Imaging Decision Support: Implementation and Pitfalls Paul H. Ellenbogen, MD, FACR, FSRU, FAIUM  
06/06/18 A Very Strange Case of Aspirin Poisoning Michael Emmett, MD, MACP  
06/19/18 Nephrology MKSAP Questions S. Rizwan, MD  
05/07/18 Diuretics and Edema S. Rizwan, MD  
04/05/18 Normal Saline vs. Ringer's Lactate Deja Vu all Over Again S. Rinner, MD  
03/12/18 Renal Cystic Disease S. Kumar, MD  
02/19/18 Unusual AKI in Pregnancy B. Wall, MD  
01/22/18 Acute Kidney Injury: Evaluation and Management S. Kaiser, MD  
12/01/17 Nephrology MKSAP Questions S. Rizwan, MD  
09/14/17 Paraproteinemia/Myeloma T. Patel, MD  
07/17/17 IV Fluids Workshop S. Kumar, MD  
06/28/17 Pathology of Lupus Nephritis Xin Jin (Joseph) Zhou, MD  
06/21/17 SPRINTing to New Blook Pressure Goals Michel Chonchol, MD  
06/14/17 Contrast-Associated AKI: Can we Prevent it? Does it Matter? Paul M. Palevsky, MD  
06/07/17 Non-Pharmacologic Mechanisms to Facilitate Sustainable Weight Loss Biff Palmer, MD  
05/21/17 Transplant P. Cespedes, MD  
05/08/17 Primary GN S. Rizwan, MD  
03/23/17 E. Coli is just another E Coli B. Wall, MD  
03/13/17 Reflections on HD Therapy S. Rinner, MD  


T. Patel, MD  
01/23/17 Nephrology MKSAP Questions Surachit Kumar, MD  
10/17/16 Polycystic Kidney Disease S. Kaiser, MD  
07/11/16 IV Fluids Workshop S. Kumar, MD  
06/22/16 A Garden Variety Case of Kidney Stones - A Clinical Pathophysiologist's View Orson Moe, MD  
06/15/16 Calciphylaxis: Controversies in Pathogenesis Arturo Dominguez, MD  
06/08/16 GFR and eGFR - Filtering out the Confusion Michael R. Wiederkehr, MD  
06/01/16 JNC-8 vs. SPRINT: What Should be the BP Target Jasckson T. Wright, Jr., MD, Ph.D, FACP  
05/26/16 Alkalosis S. Kaiser, MD  
05/09/16 Pauci Immune GN T. Patel, MD  
03/31/16 Urinary Tract Obstruction Surachit Kumar, MD  
03/14/16 Bad to the Bone MBD CKD C. Corpier, MD  
02/22/16 Hematuria S. Kumar, MD  
02/15/16 Therapy for AKI S. Rizwan, MD  
10/19/15 50 Years in Medicine, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly S. Rinner, MD  
10/12/15 Midnight Dialysis B. Wall, MD  
08/05/15 Exercise-Associated Hyponatremia Mitchell H. Rosner, MD, FACP  
06/24/15 The D-Lightful Vitamin D for Health Michael F. Holick, MD  
06/10/15 AKI in the ICU Harold Szerlip, MD  
06/03/15 Misperceptions and Reality fron a Non-Nephrologist Perspective Ramesh Saxena, MD, Ph.D, FASN  
05/28/15 Update of New Medications for Hyperkalemia S. Rinner, MD  
05/11/15 Management of Chronic Kidney Disease S. Rizwan, MD  
03/16/15 A Tale of 2 Consults A. Fenves, MD  
03/02/15 MDRD/Progressive CKD S. Kaiser, MD  
02/23/15 MKSAP Board Review T. Patel, MD  
02/16/15 Pregnancy and the Kidney C. Corpier, MD  
10/20/14 Nephrolithiasis T. Patel, MD  
10/13/14 MKSAP Board Review S. Rinner, MD  
07/07/14 Glomerular Disorders S. Kumar, MD  
06/25/14 Using Health Informaiton Technology to Improve Patient Safety: Is it as Easy as it Sounds? Hardeep Singh, MD, MPH  
06/18/14 Hyponatremia in the Setting of Cardio Renal Syndrome Peter McCullough, MD, MPH, FACC, FACP, FAHA, FCCP, FNKF  
06/11/14 Renal Artery Denervation James Park, MD  
06/04/14 Finding Inspiration in Medicine Richard Gunderman, MD, PhD  
05/01/14 History of Diabetes B. Wall, MD  
03/20/14 Acute Kidney Injury T. Patel, MD  
03/03/14 IV Fluid Therapy S. Rizwan, MD  
02/17/14 Urinary Frequency S. Rinner, MD  
11/01/13 Hemodialysis or Secondary Causes of Glomerulonephritis S. Kumar, MD  
06/26/13 The Aging Kidney Andrew Fenves, MD  
06/19/13 Ascent to Altitude: Lessons Learned from the Seven Summits Biff Palmer, MD  
06/12/13 Polycystic Kidney Disease Peter Igarashi, MD  
06/05/13 BK Virus in Renal Transplantation Mohanram Narayanan, MD  
05/30/13 Rhabdomyolysis S. Rizwan, MD  
04/01/13 Hyponatremia and Treatment with Tolvaptan U. Mehdi, MD ppt
03/04/13 Chronic Primary Glomerulonephritis B. Wall, MD  
02/18/13 Office Nephrology - CKD C. Corpier, MD  
02/07/13 Renal Osteodystrophy S. Rinner, MD  
11/02/12 Clinical Approach to Acute Renal Failure T. Patel, MD  
10/04/12 Hematuria S. Kumar, MD  
06/27/12 How to be a Good Intern Steve Rinner, MD  
06/20/12 Diabetic Nephropathy Robert Toto, MD  
06/13/12 Pathology of Diabetic Nephropathy Joseph Zhou, MD  
06/06/12 Regulation of Intestinal Phosphate Transport: Implications of Cardiovascular Disease in Chronic Kidney Disease Moshe' Levi, MD  
05/31/12 Hyponatremia S. Rizwan, MD  
04/06/12 History of Dialysis B. Wall, MD  
03/01/12 Things we should not be doing in Nephrology S. Rinner, MD  
02/20/12 Paraproteinemia/Myeloma Kidney B. Wall, MD  
01/30/12 Renal Cystic Disease S. Rizwan, MD  
11/07/11 Pregnancy and the Kidney A. Yango, MD  
10/10/11 Acute Renal Failure/AKI A. Fenves, MD  
06/22/11 Rationing or Stewardship: Prudence, Equanimity and Justice in the Allocation of Medical Resources Robert L. Fine, MD  
06/15/11 Lupus Nephritis Angelito Yango, MD  
06/08/11 Making a Real Difference in Outcomes in Patients Before and During Dialysis Tom F. Parker, III, MD  
06/01/11 Radiation Safety, Utilization and Control in Medical Imaging James A. Brink, MD  
06/09/11 Hepatorenal S. Kumar, MD  
05/02/11 Transplantation Medicine & Immunosuppression Thereapy C. Corpier , MD  
04/04/11 Midnight Dialysis B. Wall, MD  
03/03/11 Intern Hours and Work Ethics S. Rinner, MD  
01/31/11 Chronic Glomerular Disease S. Rizwan, MD  
11/01/10 Dialysis N. Garg, MD  
10/14/10 IV Fluids Workshop B. Wall, MD ppt
06/23/10 The Kidney in Hepatorenal Syndrome Goran Klintmalm, MD and James Trotter, MD  
06/16/10 How Should Hypertension be Treated in the High Risk Cardiovascular Patient Henry Black, MD  
06/09/10 The Physician as the Patient - ETHICS John Schwartz, MD  
06/02/10 Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Current Concepts and Future Treatment Daniel K. Podolsky, MD  
06/10/10 Contrast Induced Nephropathy G. Stephens, MD  
05/03/10 Interstitial and Obstructive CKD S. Rinner, MD  
04/05/10 Primary Glomerulonephritis S. Rizwan, MD  
03/04/10 Office Nephrology - CKD N. Garg, MD  

Update on Lupus Nephritis-Cancelled
(Replaced by ID Talk by Dr. Liddell)

G. Stephens, MD  
11/02/09 Urinary Electrolytes B. Wall, MD  
10/05/09 Nephrology Board Review S. Kumar, MD  
06/24/09 Hypertension and the Heart Thomas Giles, MD  
06/17/09 Kidney Transplantation Larry Melton, MD, PhD  
06/10/09 Hypertension - Recent Trends in Therapy Shawna Nesbitt, MD  
06/03/09 Initiation of Dialysis Michael Aragon, MD  
06/04/09 Diagnosis and Therapy of Hyponatremia S. Kumar, MD  
05/04/09 Paraproteinemia and Myeloma Kidney N. Garg, MD  
04/06/09 Case Presentations/Board Review S. Rinner, MD  
03/05/09 Evaluation of Edematous States N. Siddiqui, MD  
02/02/09 Renal Cystic Disease B. Wall, MD ppt
11/03/08 Pregnancy, Proteinuria & ARF S. Rizwan, MD  
10/06/08 Liver Disease and the Kidney S. Kumar, MD  
06/25/08 Acute Kidney Injury Kevin Finkel, MD  
06/18/08 There is No Place Like Home: Return of Home Dialysis Michael Kraus, MD  
06/11/08 Arthritis and Nephrolithiasis: Are There Other Reasons to Have Uric Acid Orson Moe, MD  
06/04/08 Colon Preps and Kidney Failure - A Rare but Life Threatening Complication Michael Emmett, MD, MACP  
06/05/08 Hepatorenal Syndrome S. Kumar, MD  
05/05/08 Hypertensive Urgency V. Ram, MD  
04/07/08 Midnight Dialysis B. Wall, MD  
03/06/08 Acute Renal Injury S. Kumar, MD  
02/04/08 Proteinuria A. Hsu, MD  
11/05/07 Dialysis Therapy N. Siddiqui, MD  
10/08/07 IV Fluid Workshop B. Wall, MD  
06/20/07 Issues in the Treatment of Hyponatremia Tomas Berl, MD  


Enhancing Outcomes in Chronic Kidney Disease: Examining the Role of Active Vitamin D

Talat A. Ikizler, MD

06/06/07 Chronic Kidney Disease Robert Toto, MD  
06/07/07 Diuretic Therapy S. Rinner  
05/07/07 Tubulointerstitial Disease B. Wall, MD  
04/02/07 Secondary Glomerular Disease S. Rizwan, MD  
03/01/07 Primary Glomerular Disease S. Kumar, MD  
02/05/07 Office Approach to CKD S. Glowacki, MD  
11/06/06 Intern's Approach Acute Renal Failure S. Rinner, MD ppt
10/09/06 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly B. Wall, MD ppt
07/26/06 Complications of HBP Medications B. Palmer, MD  
07/19/06 Post Contrast ATN R. Helman, MD  
07/12/06 Pulmonary Renal Disease M. Emmett, MD  
07/05/06 Lysosomal Storage Diseases A. Scheuerle, MD  
07/26/06 Complications of Antihypertensive Therapy Biff Palmer, MD  
07/19/06 Approaches to Renal Protection during Contrast Administration Richard Hellman, MD, FACP  
07/12/06 Pulmonary Renal Syndrome Michael Emmett, MD, MACP  
07/05/06 Lysosomal Stroage Disease Angela Scheuerle, MD  
06/30/06 How To Be A Great Intern….(Orientation) S. Rinner, MD  
06/08/06 Accelerated Hypertension B. Wall, MD  
05/08/06 Secondary causes of HBP V. Ram, MD ppt
04/03/06 ARF - Case Study B. Wall, MD ppt
03/02/06 Assessing Volume Status S. Rizwan, MD  
02/06/06 Renal Cystic Disease N. Siddiqui, MD ppt (edited to samller size)
01/23/06 Evaluation of Edematous States
S. Kumar, MD  
11/07/05 Chronic Renal Failure S. Kumar, MD ppt
10/10/05 Inborn Errors of Metabolism and the Kidney B. Wall, MD ppt
07/27/05 Renal: Future of Medical Care Neil Kurtzman, MD  
07/13/05 Update: Renal: Nephrolithiasis Update M Wiekerkehr, MD  
07/06/05 Update on Acid-Base Disorders Lukkas Haragsim, MD  
06/23/05 ARF and Cirrhosis S. Rizwan, MD ppt
04/14/05 What you see on the IM Boards in Nephrology S. Kumar, MD ppt
03/03/05 Hypertensive Urgency Venkata Ram, MD JNC 7 Report, JAMA. 2003;289; pdf
02/07/05 Acute Renal Failure S. Rizwan, MD ppt
01/03/05 ARF and Hemodialysis N. Siddiqui, MD ppt and previous ref. 2
12/20/04 Diagnosis and Therapy of Hyponatremia S. Kumar, MD rescheduled
11/01/04 What every Internist Needs to Know About Dialysis S. Rinner, MD  
10/11/04 Workshop: IV Fluid Orders B. Wall, MD ppt
07/28/04 Diuretic Therapy Craig Brater, MD  
07/21/04 Update Analgesic Nephropathy Andrew Fenves, MD  
07/14/04 Hyponatremia Tomas Berl, MD  
07/07/04 Renal Transplantation
Karl Brinker, MD  
06/21/04 Diabetic Nephropathy S. Rizwan, MD ppt
04/08/04 Nephrolithiasis
F. Levy, MD  
03/04/04 Tubulointerstitial Disease
B. Wall, MD ppt
02/02/04 Secondary Glomerular Disease
S. Kumar, ND ppt
11/24/03 Primary Glomerular Disease
S. Rizwan, MD  
10/30/03 Approach to Patient with Renal Disease
A. Fenves, MD  
10/06/03 Glomerular Ultrafiltration: Acute Renal Failure
S. Rinner, MD ppt, ref.1
07/23/03 Hypertension Work-up: When, Why, How Much? C. Venkata Ram, MD  
07/16/03 Treatment of Diabetic Kidney Disease and Review of Pancreatic Transplantation Martin Mai, MD  
07/09/03 Hypertension and Nephrolithiasis—Conflict between Evolution and Lifestyle Orson Moe, MD  
07/03/03 Renal Physiology B. Wall, MD  
07/02/03 Selection of Anti-hypertensive Agent and Goal BP – Update After ALLHAT R Agrawal, MD Reading: pdf of review of initial antihypetensive regimens
06/24/03 How To Be A Great Intern…. S. Rinner, MD  
05/27/03 Essential Versus Secondary Hypertension S. Kumar, MD  
04/22/03 Diuretic Therapy, Physiology and Abuse S Rizwan, MD pdf of NEJM Drug Review
03/25/03 GFR – Is Renal Physiology Overrated?
S. Rinner, MD ppt and Ann Intern Med. 2002;137:744–752.
03/05/03 Renal failure and Eosinophilia Steve Rinner, MD  
02/25/03 Disorders of Potassium Balance S. Kumar, MD  
01/28/03 ECF versus ICF
S Rizwan, MD ppt
11/26/02 Edema – A Common Clinical Presentation B. Wall, MD  
09/25/02 Hematuria and Proteinuria S. Kumar, MD ppt
09/24/02 Fluids and Electrolytes Made Easy
S. Kumar, MD ppt
08/27/02 Acute Renal Dysfunction at Presbyterian Hospital
S. Rinner, MD  
07/31/02 Acute Renal Failure Bruce Molitoris, MD  
07/24/03 Ethical Challenges and Transplantation Daniel Solomon, MD  
07/17/02 Management of Chronic Renal Failure T. Ikizler, MD  
07/10/02 Hyponatremia Michael Emmett, MD  
07/03/02 Analgesic Nephropathy William Henrich, MD