2023 - 2024 Potpourri Conference Schedule




Friday, July 7

Alisa Momin, MD and Ethan Fan, MD

Friday, July 21

Telavive Taye, MD and Daniel Hulgan, MD
Friday, July 28 Ethan Fan, MD and William Estes, MD

Tuesday, August 15

Zaid Shah, DO and Brian Lue, M

Tuesday, August 29

Anjanya Singh, MD and Anjanya Singh, MD

Friday, September 1

Zaid Shah, DO and Arifa Plumber, MD

Tuesday, September 12

Sri Koneru, MBBS and Jey Thiruma, MD
Thursday, September 14 Samantha Lujan, MD and Telavive Taye, MD
Friday, September 29 Ramanan Sivakumar, MD and Alisa Momin, MD

Friday, October 6

Steve Hsu, MD and Kyle Weinstein, MD
Friday, October 13 Subhan Tabba, MD and William Estes, MD
Friday, November 3 Anjanya Singh, MD and Jasmin Rahesh, MD
Tuesday, November 14 Paul D'Cunha, MD and Ramanan Sivakumar, MD




Friday, January 26

Daniel Hulgan, MD and Paul D'Cunha, MD
Friday, February 2 Namitha Sudheer, MBBS and Steve Hsu, MD
Thursday, February 29 Sri Koneru, MBBS and Bryan Hoang, MD
Friday, March 15 Namitha Sudheer, MBBS and Jasmin Rahesh, MD

Friday, March 29

Kyle Weinstein, MD and Haaris Khan, MD
Friday, April 5 Samantha Lujan, MD and Jey Thiruma, MD

Friday, May 3

Shreya Kondle, MD and Bryan Hoang, MD

Friday, May 24

Arifa Plumber, MD and Brian Lue, MD

Thursday, May 30

Cody Eldridge, MD and Shreya Kondle, MD
Monday, June 3 Lucian Zhao, MD and Cody Eldridge, MD
Tuesday, June 11 Haaris Khan, MD and Lucian Zhao, MD

Last Updated: 09/18/23