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Neurology References and Lecture Schedule
Int Med Grand Rounds
Clinical Grand Rounds
Date Lecture Topic Speaker References
09/27/23 Advances in Epilepsy Andrea Lowden, MD, FACNS  
09/20/23 Endovascular Treatment of Chronic Subdural Hematoma Rafael de Oliveria Sillero, MD  
09/13/23 How Laser Interstital Thermal Therapy (LITT) Bradley Lega, MD  
09/06/23 Update on the Management of Multiple Sclerosis Adnan M. Subei, DO  
08/24/23 Neuro Muscular Disease - Evaluation and Treatment A. Young, MD  
08/17/23 Compressive Neuropathy - Evaluation and Treatment R. Payne, MD  
08/10/23 Stroke Update R. Cheung, MD  
07/31/23 Sleep Medicine B. Ku, MD  
07/20/23 AMS & Coma M. Rizvi, MD  
09/28/22 Neuromuscular Respiratory Failure Claudia A. Perez, MD, MS  
09/21/22 Language Recovery after Stroke: Neurological Perspectives Steven Small, MD, Ph.D, FAAN, FANA  
09/14/22 Autonomic Disorders Meredith Bryarly, MD  
09/07/22 Neurosurgical Management of Trigeminal Neuralgia and Facial Pain Nader Pouratian, MD, Ph.D  
08/18/22 Seizure Update F. Chan, MD  
08/11/22 Dizziness~Evaluation and Management J. Takesaka, MD  
08/02/22 Updates in Multiple Sclerosis D. Kramptiz, MD  
07/28/22 Parkinsonian Plus Syndromes A. Mentreddi, MD  
07/21/22 Stroke Update S. Shah, MD  
09/29/21 Tried Two Seizure Meds, What's Next? Fonda Chan, MD and Deepa Panjeti-Moore, DO, MPH  
09/22/21 Update on the Neurofibromatoses Justin T. Jordan, MD, MPH, FAAN  
09/15/21 Traumatic Nerve Injuries Russell Payne, MD  
09/08/21 Prognosis in Comatose Survivors of Cardiac Arrest Kartavya Sharma, MD  
08/19/21 Headache A. Young, MD  
08/12/21 Stroke Update A. Magadan, MD ppt
08/05/21 Neuro Imaging B. Crandall, DO  
07/29/21 Parkinson's Disease E. Chambers, MD  
07/22/21 AMS and Coma M. Rizvi, MD  
09/23/20 CSF Biomarkers of MS Pathogenesis and Treatment Response Gregory F. Wu, MD, Ph.D  
09/16/20 Biology of Essential Tremor: Studying the Underpinnings of the Second Most Common Neurodegenerative Disease Elan Louis, MD, MS  
09/09/20 Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Why There's Been No Level 1 Evidence After Nimodipine Bappaditya Ray, MBBS, MD  
09/02/20 Miles to Go Before I Sleep: From Challenges to Opportunities, Addressing Diversity in Medicine Alyx B. Porter, MD, FAAN  
08/20/20 Management of Neurological Emergencies, Cerebral Autoregulation & ICP K. Sharma, MD  
08/13/20 Intracranial Hemorrhage B. Ray, MD  
08/06/20 Neurological Trauma R. Payne, MD  
07/30/20 Examiniation of Visual System M. Rizvi, MD  
07/23/20 Neurological Exam Evaluation of AMS M. Rizvi, MD  
09/25/19 The Aesthetic Brain Anjan Chatterjee, MD, FAAN  
09/18/19 Enhancement of Information in Medical Image Data: Applications in a Clinical Research Environment Christof Karmonik, Ph.D  
09/11/19 Music Therapy in the Medical Setting: From Social Science to Neuroscience Jennifer Townsend, MMT, MT-BC  
09/04/19 Seeing the Patient: Portraiture as a Method for Exploring the Lived Experience of Children with Epilepsy and their Caregivers Wendy Stewart, MD, Ph.D, FRCPC  
08/22/19 Compressive Neuropathies A. Young, MD  
08/15/19 Updates in Multiple Sclerosis A. Okai, MD  
08/08/19 Parkinsonian Plus Syndromes E. Chambers, MD  
08/01/19 Stroke Update S. Shah, MD  
07/25/19 Epilepsy Update F. Chan, MD  
09/26/18 The Clinical Presentations, Image Findings and Treatments for Low Back Pain John S. Michels, Jr., MD  
09/19/18 Using Patient Reported Outcomes in Clinical Practice Michael K. Racke, MD  
09/12/18 Cranial Neuropathies: Recent Cases at Texas Health Dallas Eduardo Trejo, MD and Binoy Yohannan, MBBS  
09/05/18 Cease the Seizure: Approach to an Adult Patient with First Seizure Fonda Chan, MD  
08/23/18 Update Alzheimer's Disease D. Kerwin, MD  
08/16/18 Pathophysiology of Parkinson's A. Mentreddi, MD  
08/09/18 CNS Infections - Brain Abscess G. Tseggay, MD  
08/02/18 Neuro-Imaging C. Heasley, MD  
07/19/18 Altered Mental State C. Thomas, MD  
09/27/17 Laser Intersitial Therapy for Neurosurgical Treatment of Tumors and Epilepsy Bradley Lega, MD  
09/20/17 Emerging Techniques for the Treatment of Intracranial Tumors Toral Patel, MD  
09/13/17 Ascertaining the Role of the Primary Care Clinician in the Recognition and Management of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis in the Modern Era Edward J. Fox, MD, Ph.D  
09/06/17 Pain Management 2017 J. Mark Bailey, DO, Ph.D, FACN  
08/24/17 Neuro ICU Monitoring P. Gupta, MD  
08/17/17 Headache Management C. Wohlgehagen, MD  
08/10/17 Stroke Update S. Shah, MD  
08/03/17 Neuro-Oncology E. Pan, MD  
07/27/17 Neuromuscular Disease A. Young, MD  
09/28/16 Migraine: An Update in Treatment Strategies Cristina Wohlgehagen, MD  
09/21/16 Collaborative Patient Care with Interventional Neuroradiology Benjamin Crandall, DO  
09/14/16 Concussion Diagnosis, Facts, and Myths C. Munro Cullum, Ph.D., ABPP/ABCN  
09/07/16 Frontotemporal Dementia: When It's Not Alzheimer's Disease Claudia R. Padilla, MD  
09/01/16 Parkinson's Disease Update A. Mentreddi, MD  
08/18/16 Neurotrauma and Concussion G. Bloomgarden, MD  
08/11/16 The Many Uses of Botox A. Young, MD  
08/04/16 Epilepsy Update J. Harvey, MD  
07/21/16 Evaluation of Dizziness J. Takesaka, MD  
09/23/15 Myoclonus in Movement Disorders and Medicine Amitabh Gupta, MD, Ph.D  
09/16/15 Autoimmune Neurology: Neurological Autoantibodies (and what to do with them) Steven Vernino, MD, Ph.D  
09/09/15 2015 Update on Imaging and Intervention in Acute Ischemic Stroke Justin T. Whisenant, MD  
09/02/15 New Concepts in Neurodegenerative Diseases Marc Diamond, MD  
08/27/15 Dystonia N. Pavasia, MD  
08/20/15 MS Update A. Young, MD  
08/13/15 Prion Disease D. Krampitz, MD  
08/06/15 Neuropsychological Testing and TBI N. Grandjean, Ph.D  
07/30/15 Evaluation of Vision Loss J. Takesaka, MD  
09/24/14 Seizures and Epilepsy: from the Ed to the ICU Puneet Gupta, MD  
09/17/14 An Era of Transformation in Antibody Medicated CNS Diseases Benjamin Greenberg, MD, MHS  
09/10/14 Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus: Update on Surgical Management Bradley Lega, MD  
09/03/14 Imaging and Intervention in Acute Ischemic Stroke Justin Whisenant, MD  
08/28/14 Headach J. Takesaka, MD  
08/21/14 Dementia D. Kerwin, MD  
08/14/14 Sleep Medicine S. Merrill, MD, Ph.D  
08/07/14 Stroke through Clinical Cases S. Shah, MD  
07/31/14 Encephalopathy N. Absalom, MD  
09/25/13 Crew Resource Management - Controlling Errors in ICU Donald Jenkins, MD  
09/18/13 Parkinson Disease: Clinical Review Pravin Khemani, MD  
09/11/13 Neuro-Ophthalmology for the Primary Care Practitioner Raul Guevara, MD  
09/04/13 Alzheimer Disease: Diagnostic Tools and Emerging Treatments Mary Quiceno, MD  
08/29/13 Brain Death S. Shah, MD  
08/22/13 Spine Trauma L. Fitzgerald, MD  
08/15/13 Epilepsy Update J. Harvey, MD  
08/08/13 Neuromuscular Disease Part 2 A. Young, MD  
08/01/13 Neuromuscular Disease Part 1 N. Absalom, MD  
09/26/12 Advances in Neuromuscular Medicine Angela Young, MD  
09/19/12 Neuomyelitis Optica: A Model for Translational Medicine Benjamin M. Greenberg, MD  
09/12/12 Case Studies: Epilepsy Monitoring Unit J. H. Harvey, DO  
09/05/12 Interventional Neuroradiology for the Primary Care Physician Christopher Putman, MD  
08/30/12 Stroke Update S. Shah, MD  
08/23/12 Neurological Exam and Coma N. Absalom, MD  
08/16/12 Neuroimaging T. Walkiewicz, MD  
08/09/12 CNS Tumors G. Kirkpatrick, MD  
08/02/12 Parkinson's Disease & Other Movement Disorders A. Young, MD  
09/28/11 Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement Disorders Joohi Jimenez-Shahed, MD  
09/21/11 Treating Acute Stoke-Emerging Trends James Grotta, MD  
09/14/11 ALS Update Jeffrey L. Eilliott, MD  
09/0711 Immune-mediated Neuropathies: Treatment Concepts, Successes and Failures Gil I. Wolfe, MD  
08/25/11 Stroke, Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, and Hypothermia for Cardiac Arrest Connie Chen, MD  
08/18/11 Multiple Sclerosis Annette Okai, MD  
08/11/11 Alzheimer's Disease Cindy Marshall, MD  
08/04/11 Headaches/Migraines Angela Young, MD  
07/28/11 Altered Mental Status and "Brain Code" Connie Chen, MD  
09/22/10 Mild Cognitive Impairment: The Prodromal Stage of Alzheimer's Disease Ramon Diaz-Arrastia, MD, Ph.D.  
09/15/10 Frank Kidd Lectureship TBA  
09/08/10 Top 10 Neuro-Ophthalmology Emergencies Raul Guevara, MD  
09/01/10 Upadate on Multiple Sclerosis: A Revolution in Evolution Benjamin M. Greenberg, MD, MHS  
08/26/10 Spinal Surgery M. Desaloms, MD ppt
08/19/10 Myopathy/Muscle Pain A. Martin, MD  
08/12/10 ICP Management C. Chen, MD  
08/05/10 Motor Neuron Disease D. Heitzman, MD  
07/29/10 Epilepsy/Seizures V. Nagaraddi, MD  
09/23/09 Video EEG: Cases from the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit Robert F. Leroy, MD  
09/16/09 New Strategies in Treating Alzheimer's Disease: DNA Abeta4 Vaccine as Therapy to Prevent Alzehimer's Disease Roger N. Rosenberg, MD  
09/09/09 Pioneering the Future: Novel Therapeutic Approaches for Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, & Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Stanley Appel, MD  
09/02/09 Chronic Daily Headaches Brian D. Sorin, MD  
08/27/09 Stroke S. Shah, MD ppt
08/20/09 Neurology Q & A D. Tran, MD  
08/13/09 Neurological Exam and Coma C. Chen, MD ppt
08/06/09 Paraneoplastic Syndromes V. Stark-Vance, MD  
07/30/09 Parkinson's Disease & Other Movement Disorders M. Stewart, MD  
09/24/08 Novel Treatments for Myasthenia Gravis Gil I. Wolfe, MD, FAAN  
09/17/08 New Developments and Controversies in Stroke Samir H. Shah, MD  
09/10/08 Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery for Parkinson's Disease Robert Malcolm Stewart, MD  
09/03/08 Update on the Management of Patients with Seizures Amit Verma, MD  
08/28/08 Stroke, Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, and Hypothermia for Cardiac Arrest S. Shah, MD ppt
08/21/08 Migraines A. Tseng, MD  
08/14/08 Dementia A. Lipton, MD ppt
08/07/08 Demyelinating Disease W. Castro-Borrero, MD  
07/31/08 Altered Mental Status and " Brain Code" C. Chen, MD  
09/26/07 Update on Stroke Research Marshall L. Nash, MD  
09/19/07 Current Controversies of Carotid Stenosis Treatment Connie Chen, MD  
09/12/07 Neuroimmunology in Multiple Sclerosis Edward J. Fox, MD PhD  
09/05/07 Managing Osteoporosis in the 21st Century Carlos J. Lozada, MD  
08/31/07 Peripheral Neuropathy S. Gerhardt, MD  
08/23/07 Herniation/ICP Management C. Chen, MD  
08/16/07 Motor Neuron Disease D. Tran, MD ppt
08/09/07 Spinal Surgery M. Desaloms, MD  
08/02/07 Epilepsy A. Tseng, MD ppt
09/27/06 Non-Convulsive Status Epilepticus Frank W. Drislane, MD  
09/20/06 Migraine 2006 - An Update Stuart Black, MD  
09/13/06 Parkinson's Disease - An Update R. Malcolm Stewart, MD  
09/06/06 Post Stroke Therapy with Intrathecal Baclofen Maya C. Schiess, MD  
08/31/06 Stroke R. Hinton, MD  
08/24/06 Parkinson's Disease M. Stewart  
08/17/06 Neurological Exam and Coma C. Chen, MD ppt
08/10/06 Paraneoplastic Syndromes S. Gerhardt, MD  
08/03/06 CNS Tumors M. Desaloms, MD  
09/16/05 Clinical Vignette: Approach to the patient with Neurodegenerative Disease M Quiceno, MD ppt
09/28/05 Mesial Temporal Sclerosis: Clinical and Pathological Importance
Tore Eid, MD, PhD (Yale Univ – New Haven, CT)  
09/21/05 Anticonvulsant Medications Mark Agostini, MD (UT Southwestern Medical Center – Dallas, TX) 2.
09/14/05 Parasomnias Clete Anthony Kushida, MD (Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic – Stanford, CA  
08/31/05 Multiple Sclerosis: An Update Michael C. Levin, MD  
08/25/05 Critical Illness and Neurology C. Chen, MD ppt
08/18/05 Migraines
S. Black, MD ppt
08/11/05 Dementia
W. Woodfin, MD ppt
08/04/05 Demyelinating Disease E. Marder, MD ppt
07/28/05 Movement Disorders M. Quiceno, MD ppt
0929/04 Brain Tumors and Seizuress Glen Stevens, DO, PhD; The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH  
09/22/04 Stroke and MI: Making the Connection Geoffrey Ling, MD, PhD; Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences; Bethesda, MD  
09/15/04 Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES) Andres M. Kanner, MD; Rush University Medical College – Chicago, IL  
09/08/04 Evaluation and Treatment of Dizziness and Vertigo Terry D. Fife, MD; Phoenix, AZ  
09/01/04 Channelopathies in Neurology Stephen C. Cannon, MD, PhD; UTSWMC Dallas  
08/26/04 Spinal Surgery for the Internist Michael Desaloms, MD Ref 2, 3 on IM page
08/19/04 Herniation/ICP Management Connie Chen, MD  ppt
08/12/04 NMJ Disorders/ALS
Daniel Krampitz, MD  
08/05/04 Peripheral Neuropathy Anna Tseng, MD  
07/29/04 Epilepsy Jay Harvey, MD  
09/24/03 Cognitive Impairment: Normal Aging or Early Disease? L. H. Lacritz, PhD  
09/17/03 Blood Pressure and Other Critical Care Issues in Acute Brain Injury Geoffrey Ling, MD  
Neurosarcoid  D Tran, MD  
09/10/03 Interventional Neuroradiology Warren Whitlow, MD  
09/04/03 Insomnia A. Jamison, MD  
08/29/02 Critical Illness and Neurology M Vengrow, MD  
08/28/03 Paraneoplastic syndromes S Gerhardt, MD ppt
08/21/03 Parkinson’s Disease M Stuart, MD  
08/18/03 Cancelled    
08/14/03 Stroke R Hinton, MD  
08/11/03 Psychiatry Conference: Adolescent Psychiatry Uros Zrnic, MD  
08/07/03 Neurological Exam D Tran, MD ppt
07/31/03 CNS Tumors V Stark-Vance, MD  
07/09/03 Update on the use of TPA Richard Hinton, MD  
06/18/03 Parkinson's Disease R. M. Stewart, MD  
08/29/02 Critical Illness and Neurology M Vengrow, MD  
09/24/02 Optimizing Health Outcomes in Epilepsy Frank Gilliam, MD  
09/18/02 Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) Shin J. Oh, MD  
09/11/02 The Search for Neuroprotection in Parkinson’s Disease Richard Dewey, MD  
09/04/02 Evidence Based Medicine and Stroke Prevention Lewis B. Morgenstern, MD  
08/22/02 Movement Disorders M Watts, MD  
08/19/02 Psychiatry Conference : Psychiatric Emergencies J. Stonedale, MD  
08/15/02 Demyelinating Disease W Woodfin , MD  
08/12/02 Psychiatry Conference : Addiction Medicine    
08/08/02 Dementia M Stewart, MD  
08/01/02 Headaches S Black, MD 1.
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  1. Lecture 1: 08/01/02 Headaches, Dr. Stuart Black (Powerpoint presentation available upon request to webmaster due to size of file)
  2. Anticonvulsant Medications - Mark Agostini, MD (UT Southwestern Medical Center – Dallas, TX)
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