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Internal Medicine References and Lecture Schedule
Teaching conference
Int Med Grand Rounds
Clinical Grand Rounds
Preocedures Conference
Date Lecture Topic Discipline/
References Speaker
05/29/24 Implementing New Data and Evolving Standards in the management of patients with Chronic Leukemias: Evaluating Strategies on the Evolving Role of Multidisciplinary Patient Management Internal Medicine   Farrukh Awan, MD
05/22/24 Pain: The Human Condition Chronic Pain and Opioid Prescribing Internal Medicine   Daltry B. Dott, MD, CHCQM
05/15/24 Addressing the Disparity of Health Outcomes in Men of Black Ethnicity with Prostate Cancer Internal Medicine   Pat F. Fulgham, MD
05/08/24 Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI's) and Star Ratings Internal Medicine   Allison Liddell, MD and Sarah S. Way, MD, JD
05/01/24 Bone Lesions in Older Adults Internal Medicine   Robert C. Weinschenk, MD
05/17/24 GME THD Mandatory Anti-Harassment Training Internal Medicine   GME Leadership / Strategic Employee Relations Dept.
Ana Gonzalez and Tony Perez
05/01/24 Exploring unConscious Blind Spots: Avoiding Implicit Bias in Compassionate Healthcare Delivery Internal Medicine   Lauren J. Rainey, JD, MS
04/26/24 Infection Prevention Internal Medicine   Noreen Johnson, BSN, RN, CIC
04/25/24 Billing, Coding and the Business of Medicine Internal Medicine   Kevin Nguyen, MD
04/16/24 Kindred Long Term Acute Center Internal Medicine   Kelsi Hubbard, RN, BSN
03/28/24 Healthcare Disparities Internal Medicine   Andrew Masica, MD
03/25/24 Identify and Prioritize Your Savings Goals Internal Medicine   Miguel Salazar, CRPC
11/10/23 Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy Internal Medicine   Kevin Tayon, MD
09/11/23 Documentation Internal Medicine   D. Gonzales, MD
08/25/23 Medication Errors and Drug Interactions Internal Medicine   Andrew Faust, PharmD, BCPS
07/27/23 Sleepiness and Fatigue Education and Management for Residents Internal Medicine   R. Gill, MD
07/17/23 Cross-Cover Principles Internal Medicine   J. Baby, MD
07/11/23 How to Build An Assessment and Plan Internal Medicine   M. Truong, MD
07/10/23 How to be A Good Intern Internal Medicine   S. Rinner, MD
05/25/23 Financial Management for Residents Internal Medicine   Michael Belvin
05/24/23 Hyperbaric Medicine - 2023 Update IEEM   James Berry, MD
05/17/22 Muscle Talks: Myositis Mimics and Metabolism IEEM   Salman Bhai, MD
05/10/23 Exercise Intolerance in HFpEF: Beyond Pulmonary Capillary Wedge Pressure IEEM   Satyam (Tom) Sarma, MD
05/03/23 Alzheimber Disease at Crossroads: What Have We Learned about Vascular Contributions to Dementia? IEEM   Rong Zhang, Ph.D
02/22/23 Treat Obesity First: Focusing on Obesity Management to Improve Health and Cardiometabolic Outcomes General Medicine   Tonia Y. Vinton, MD
02/15/23 Surgery in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) General Medicine   Javier Salgado Pogacnike, MD
03/31/23 Healthcare Disparities Internal Medicine   Tauane Araujo Cruz and Narsha Davis
03/30/23 Compliance & Privacy Internal Medicine   Anthony DiMaio
01/13/23 Endocrine Board Review Internal Medicine   Jeffrey Hackworth, MD
01/05/23 Medical Consultation for Obstetric Patients Internal Medicine   A. Barua, MD
12/15/22 Review of MKSAP in Internal Medicine Internal Medicine   R. Gill, MD
09/22/22 Pharmacology Lecture Internal Medicine   Andrew Faust, PharmD, BCPS
08/31/22 Inpatient Management of Diabetes Internal Medicine   Beth Baltazar, RN, CDE
08/05/22 Cross-Cover Principles Internal Medicine   J. Baby, MD
07/19/22 How to Build An Assessment and Plan Internal Medicine   M. Truong, MD / R. Gill, MD
07/18/22 Introduction to Documentation / Compliance Internal Medicine   D. Gonzales, MD
07/01/22 How To Be A Good Intern Internal Medicine   S. Rinner, MD
06/27/22 Sleep and Alertness Education Internal Medicine   R. Gill, MD
06/13/22 Vascular Surgery Surgical   Michael Siah, MD
05/27/22 Financial Management for Residents Internal Medicine   Michael Belvin
04/14/22 Operation Warp Speed: The history behind the design and implementation of a novel plan to fast track the COVID-19 vaccine Internal Medicine   Eric Hargan
01/11/22 Fellowship Application Process and Guide Internal Medicine   K. Tayon, MD
01/07/22 Disparities in Healthcare Internal Medicine   J. Denning, MD
09/16/21 Perioperative Medicine Internal Medicine   A. Barua, MD
07/19/21 Communication with Patients Internal Medicine   D. Gonzales, MD
07/12/21 Patient Safety Internal Medicine   Jen Caldwell, RN, BSN
06/25/21 Cross-Cover Principles Internal Medicine   J. Baby, MD
06/21/21 Clinical Documentation Education Internal Medicine   Erika Caez, BSN, RN and R. Gill, MD
06/18/21 Building a Detailed Assessment and Plan Internal Medicine pdf R. Gill, MD
06/16/21 Sleep, Alertness and Fatigue Education in Residency Internal Medicine pdf R. Gill, MD
06/15/21 How to be a Good Intern Internal Medicine   S. Rinner, MD
06/4/21 Changes in the Academic Year Internal Medicine   T. Patel, MD and R. Gill, MD
05/26/21 When Doctor Becomes the Patient Internal Medicine   Evan L. Cohn, MD
05/19/21 Getting to the Heart of Cancer Patients: Cardio-Oncology 2021 Internal Medicine   Vlad G. Zaha, MD, Ph.D, FACC
05/12/21 Succeeding in a Value-Based World of Acute Care Internal Medicine   John D. Birkmeyer, MD
05/05/21 Emboli to the South and then the North: A Rare Case of Aspergillus Endocarditis Cardiac Amyloidosis
Fatal Ischemic Stroke and Thyroid Strom in a Young Patient with Moyamoya Disease
Internal Medicine

  Yogamaya Mantha, MD Vignesh Ramachandran, MD Aditi Shankar, MD
07/29/20 Evaluation of Thrombocytopenia Internal Medicine   J. Baby, MD
07/22/20 Perioperative Management of Inpatients Internal Medicine ppt A. Barua, MD
07/20/20 Utilization Management and Documentation/Compliance Internal Medicine ppt R. Gill, MD
07/15/20 Tuberculosis Meningitis Internal Medicine   F. Quratul Ain, MD
07/08/20 Introduction to Hybrid Curriculum Internal Medicine ppt R. Gill, MD
07/06/20 Approach to Building Detailed Assessment/Plan Internal Medicine ppt R. Gill, MD
06/19/20 Introduction to Day Float Internal Medicine   R. Gill, MD
06/16/20 Sleep Deprivation Internal Medicine   R. Gill, MD
06/03/20 NEJM Virtual Case Discussion Internal Medicine   R. Gill, MD
05/27/20 Succeeding in a Value-Based World of Acute Care - Presentation Cancelled Internal Medicine   John D. Birkmeyer, MD
05/20/20 TBA - Presentation Cancelled Internal Medicine   TBA
05/13/20 Whrn Doctor Becomes the Patient - Presentation Cancelled Radiology   Evan L. Cohn, MD
05/06/20 Do We Still Need to Consider Renal Function Before Administering IV Imaging Contrast Material? - Presentation Cancelled Radiology   D. Cressler Heasley Jr., MD
12/16/19 Guidelines for Fellowship Application Process Internal Medicine   V. Kaila, MD
09/19/19 Hyponatremia Internal Medicine   J. Baby, MBBS
07/29/19 Metabolic acidosis Internal Medicine   R. Gill, MD
07/22/19 Introduction to Utilization Management & New Teaching Templates for Documentation/Compliance Internal Medicine   R. Gill, MD
07/08/19 Approach to Building Detailed Assessment/Plan Internal Medicine   R. Gill, MD
06/27/19 Providing and Receiving Feedback Internal Medcine   Lynn Kirk, MD
06/24/19 Introduction to Hybrid Curriculum Internal Medicine   R. Gill, MD
06/21/19 How to be a Good Intern Internal Medicine   S. Rinner, MD
05/31/19 Proposed Changes to Day Float Rotation 2019-2020 Internal Medicine   R. Gill, MD
06/05/19 Hypertension and Antihypertensive Therapy in Older Women IEEM   Qi Fu, MD, Ph.D.
05/15/19 Thick Hearts Can't Keep Up: Exercise Limitations in Patients with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy IEEM   Katrin Dias, Ph.D.
05/08/19 Learning from Failure: New Approaches for Treating HFpEF IEEM   Tom Sarma, MD
05/01/19 Hyperbaric OxygenTherapy (HBOT) - It's not a Mystery IEEM   Renie Guilliod, MD
12/17/18 Medical Coding and Billing Internal Medicine   D. Gonzales, MD and R. Kamali, MD
11/26/18 Doctors Asset Group ~ Financial Based Educational Seminar Internal Medicine   William Parker
09/21/18 MKSAP 17 Questions & Answers Internal Medicine   R. Gill, MD
08/17/18 MKSAP 17 Questions & Answers Internal Medicine   A. Assaf, MD, E. Trejo, MD, V. Kaila, MD
06/29/18 Quality Improvement: Teaching Service Internal Medicine   R. Gill, MD
06/22/18 How to be a Good Intern Internal Medicine   S. Rinner, MD
06/18/18 Medicine and the Law Internal Medicine   E. Goodman, MD
05/23/18 RA and Cardiovascular Disease: From Bench to Bedside Internal Medicine   Daniel H. Solomon, MD, MPH
05/16/18 Molecular Imaging in 2018: Where We've Come From, Where We Are, Where We're Going Radiology   Patrick W. Barr, MD
05/09/18 ACP Clinical Vignettes Internal Medicine   Jasmeet Gill, MBBS, Nivedita Sudhekar, MD and Binoy Yohannan, MBBS
05/02/18 Bariatric Surgery: Pearls for the Post-Surgical Patient Internal Medicine   Michael L. Green, Jr., MD
03/08/18 Eating Disorder Education Psychiatry   B. Brodrick, MD
02/12/18 Quality Improvement: Teaching Service Internal Medicine   Rahul Gill, MD
11/17/17 Private Practice Roundtable Internal Medicine   Sonya Merrill, MD, Ph.D
09/22/17 Review of Subspecialty MKSAP Questions Internal Medicine   Eduardo Trejo, MD
07/10/17 Medical Statistics 103 Internal Medicine ppt Mark Feldman, MD
07/03/17 Medical Statistics 102 Internal Medicine ppt Mark Feldman, MD
06/26/17 Medical Statistics 101 Internal Medicine ppt Mark Feldman, MD
06/23/17 How to be a Good Intern Internal Medicine   Steven Rinner, MD
06/22/17 How to Cross Cover Internal Medicine   Rachael Hosein, MBBS and D. Soleja, MD
06/20/17 Sleep Deprivation and Fatigue Internal Medicine   Sonya Merrill, MD, Ph.D
06/01/17 Supbspecialty MKSAP Review Internal Medicine   Mark Feldman, MD and Sonya Merrill, MD, Ph.D
05/25/17 Spinal Trauma Trauma   Joseph Cheng, MD
05/31/17 Is the Post-Antibiotic Ear Upon Us? Internal Medicine   Paul Greenberg, MD
05/24/17 Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction: Learning from Failure IEEM   Satyam Sarma, MD
05/17/17 Gas Embolism: An Overview IEEM   Renie Rafael Guilliod Troconis, MD
05/10/17 Intracranial Pressure During Daily Life in Health Adults. What Does Microgravity Add to the Mix? IEEM   Justin Lawley, Ph.D.
05/03/17 Dyspnea: Pathophysiology, Evaluation and Mangagement Internal Medicine   Andrew Tomlinson, MD
03/09/17 Eating Disorder Education Psychiatry   Carrie McAdams, MD
02/16/17 Airways Anesthesiology   Alan Frankfurt, MD
11/18/16 Private Practice Roundtable Internal Medicine   Sonya Merrill, MD, Ph.D
07/01/16 How to Cross-Cover Internal Medicine   Rahul Gill, MBBS and Fatima Khan, MD
06/30/16 Current Management of Traumatic Brain Injury Internal Medicine   Shelly D. Timmons, MD, Ph.D, FACS, FAANS
06/27/16 How to be Good Teachers and Mentors for Medical Students Internal Medicine   Reeni Abraham, MD
Blake Barker, MD
05/25/16 Stroke-New and Improved Radiology   Benjamin Crandall, DO
05/18/16 Thyroid Nodule Evaluation Radiology   Noah Appel, MD
05/11/16 Economic Drain on German Soceity, 1933-1945: Arguments for Mercy Killing Internal Medicine   Zsuzsanna Ozsváth, Ph.D
05/04/16 Internal Medicine Residents' Research Day Internal Medicine   Roma Patel, MD,
Rachael Hosein, MBBS
Danial Soleja, MD
04/28/16 Life Management Skills~Afferent Provider Solutions Internal Medicine   Ken Malcolmson and Team
03/11/16 Medical Statistics Internal Medicine   Mark Feldman, MD
11/20/15 Private Practice Roundtable Internal Medicine   Sonya Merrill, MD, Ph.D
07/17/15 Diabetes Update Internal Medicine   Beth Baltazar, RN, CDE
06/30/15 Health Information Exchange and CareConnect Internal Medicine   Keith Turner
06/18/15 PGY-1 to PGY-2 Transition: Round Table Discussion Internal Medicine   Roma Patel, MD
05/27/15 Blood Pressure Regulation in Women IEEM   Qi Fu, MD, Ph.D
05/20/15 Skin - The Human Radiator: Implications in Health Disease IEEM   Craig Crandall, Ph.D
05/13/15 Co-Morbidities in Psoriasis with Special Emphasis on Cardiovascular Issues IEEM   Alan Menter, MD
05/06/15 The Athlete's Heart: Friend or Foe IEEM   Benjamin D. Levine, MD, FACC
11/21/14 Private Practice Roundtable Internal Medicine   Sonya Merrill, MD, Ph.D
09/03/14 All That You Want to Know About Ebola but Were Afraid to Ask Infectious Disease   Edward Goodman, MD
08/18/14 Medical Statistics Internal Medicine   Mark Feldman, MD
06/05/14 Private Practice Roundtable Internal Medicine   THD Faculty
05/28/14 Metabolic Acidoses-Some New Disorders to Consider in your Differential Dx Internal Medicine   Michael Emmett, MD, MACP
05/21/14 Image-Guided Management of Genitourinary Neoplasm Radiology   Clayton Trimmer, DO
05/14/14 Nazis, Jews, and Medical Ethics Internal Medicine   David Patterson, MD
05/07/14 IM Resident Research Presentation Internal Medicine  

Elizabeth Chacko, DO
Arjun Mittra, MD
Alicia Topoll, MD

02/13/14 MKSAP Review Internal Medicine   Mark Feldman, MD
11/22/13 Medical Statistics & Study Design 103 Internal Medicine Mark Feldman, MD
09/27/13Diabetes Update Internal Medicine pdfBeth Baltazar, RN, CDE
09/26/13 Medical Statistics & Study Design 102 Internal Medicine pdf Mark Feldman, MD
09/19/13 Medical Statistics & Study Design 101 Internal Medicine pdf Mark Feldman, MD
07/19/13 Ethics for End of Life Care Internal Medicine ppt Ryan Shaw, RN, BSN, CHPN
06/21/13 Sleep Depreviation Internal Medicine ppt Sonya Merrill, MD
5/22/13 Blood Pressure Regulation in Pregnancy IEEM   Qi Fu, MD, PhD
5/15/13 Effects of Skin Grafting on Temperature Regulation IEEM   Craig Crandall, PhD
05/08/13 How Does Exercise Protect Against Brain Aging and Dementia IEEM   Rong Zhang, PhD
05/01/13 The Aging Heart IEEM   Benjamin D. Levine, MD
08/20/12 Statistics Internal Medicine   Mark Feldman, MD
06/08/12 End of Life Internal Medicine   David Rosentein, MD
06/01/12 Prescription Talk Internal Medicine   Mitch Carroll, MD
05/23/12 Prostate MRI: Making the Difference Internal Medicine   Neil Rofsky, MD
05/16/12 CT of Acute Mesenteric Ischemia and Acute GI Bleed Internal Medicine   Christine Menias, MD
05/09/12 Concierge Medicine: The Future of Primary Care Internal Medicine   Dirk Frater, MD
05/02/12 Resident Clinical Research Presentations Internal Medicine   Alison Holland, MD
Tania Tarjan, MD
Karen Velazquez, MD
04/27/12 Guess that Image Internal Medicine   David Rosentein, MD
01/16/12 Statistics 103 Internal Medicine   Mark Feldman, MD
10/24/11 Statistics 102 Internal Medicine ppt Mark Feldman, MD
07/11/11 Statistics 101 Internal Medicine ppt Mark Feldman, MD
05/25/11 Management of Resistant Hypertension Internal Medicine   Venkata Ram, MD
05/18/11 Computed Tomography of teh Pulmonary Arteries Internal Medicine   Sanjeev Bhalla, MD
05/11/11 What Causes Recurrent Candidiasis Internal Medicine   Maite de la Morena, MD
05/04/11 Resident Clinical Research Presentations Internal Medicine   Ruth Boe, MD
Gha Na Kang, MD
Nithya Swamy, MD
05/26/10 Healthcare Reform: A Physician's Perspective Internal Medicine   John Gill, MD
05/19/10 Hypertension in Seniors Internal Medicine   Sara Jarvis, PhD
05/12/10 Internal Medicine Grand Rounds - Cancelled Internal Medicine    
05/05/10 Clinical Research in Residency Training Internal Medicine   Ruth Boe, MD
Ashley Green, DO
Elisavet Paplomata, MD
08/26/09 Is Vancomycin Obsolete for Treating Serious Staphylococcal Infections? Part I Infectious Disease ppt Edward Goodman, MD
07/31/09 Statistics 101 Internal Medicine ppt Mark Feldman, MD
05/27/09 Sleep Problems in Older Adults Internal Medicine   Cathy Alessi, MD
05/20/09 Therapeutic Options in Angina Internal Medicine   Jorge Cheirif, MD
05/13/09 Achieving the Patient Centered Medical Home-The Promise and the Pitfalls Internal Medicine   S. Bornstein, MD, FACP
05/06/09 Clinical Research in Residency Training Internal Medicine   E. Flores, MD
N. Habal, MD
E. Paplomata, MD
12/10/08 Global Warming   ppt Bruce Wall, MD
08/26/08 Evaluating Medical Literature   ppt Shounak Das, MD
05/28/08 Preoperative Planning, Risk Assessment and Optimization Internal Medicine   Amir Jaffer, MD
05/21/08 Stroke Prevention: New Options for 2008 Cardiology   Tony S. Das, MF, FACC
05/14/08 Postmenopausal Hormone Treatment: A Cardiologist's Perspective Cardiology   Nina Radford, MD
05/07/08 Practical Aspects of Dermatopathology for Dermatologists and Others that do Skin Biopsies Dermatology   Clay J. Cockerell, MD
08/15/07 Clinical Grand Round : Heuristics and Medical Decision Making   ppt Shounak Das, MD
07/27/07 Morbidity & Mortality   ppt & ppt Shounak Das, MD & Ji Yeon Lee, MD
07/20/07 CPC - Cadasil   ppt Mary Quiceno, MD
05/23/07 Exercise Test Revisited: What can an ETT without Imaging tell us in 2007 Cardiology   Benjamine Levine, MD
05/16/07 Modern Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Dallas County: A Review from the Health Department Infectious Disease   John T. Carlo, MD, MSE
05/09/07 Cultural Issues in Bioethics Pathology   Richard Voet, MD
05/02/07 Targeting Insulin Resistance to Improve Cardiovascular Prognosis Cardiology   James H. O'Keefe, Jr., MD
03/14/07 Clinical Grand Round : New Diabetes Treatments Endocrine ppt Richard Sachson, MD
05/31/06 The Double Threat of Stroke and MI Cardiology   Geoffrey S.F. Ling, MD, Ph.D
05/24/06 What is New in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Dyslipidemias Cardiology   Jorge Cheirif, MD
05/17/06 Age Related Mascular Degeneration Ophtholmology   Albert O. Edwards, MD Ph.D
05/10/06 Frank H. Kidd, Jr., MD Annual Lectureship in Surgery - A Regional Burn Center's Response to Disaster: September 11, 2001 and the Days Beyond Surgery   Roger W. Yurt, MD, FACS
05/10/06 Antiphopholipid Syndrome Rheumatology   Andres Quiceno, MD
05/09/06 Resident's Conference: Medical Malpractice and Tort Reform   ppt Namitha Govinda, MD
05/05/06 CPC: (case and path) Burkitt's Lymphoma   ppt D. Gonzales, MD
05/03/06 Treatment of Osteoporosis Endocrine   Roberto Pacifici, MD
05/03/06 Vitamin D Related Bone Disease Endocrine   Richard Sachson, MD
04/26/06 The Role of the Bone Marrow Stem Cell in Solid Tumor Malignancies Oncology ppt James Strauss, MD
04/25/06 Resident's Conference: Pathophysiology and Treatment of Sepsis   ppt Zainab Abdulla, MD
04/19/06 Myelodysplastic Syndrome – An Update   ppt Thuy Le, MD
04/11/06 Exercise Intolerance and Mitochondrial Disease   ppt Ronald G. Haller, MD
04/10/05 Resident's Conference: Hemophilia   ppt Natalia Palacio, MD
04/05/06 Hand Hygiene Infectious Disease ppt Allison Liddell, MD
03/29/06 A Faith Based Approach to Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care in Ethiopia Humanism, Lifelong Learning   Timothy R. Teusink, MD
03/28/06 Resident's Conference: End of Life Humanism, Professionalism ppt Aarti Raghu, MD
03/22/06 The Thyroid Goiter – How to Manage     Steven Dorfman, MD
03/17/06 Humanities Conference: From Teheran to Dallas Humanism, Professionalism ppt Jafar Forghani, MD
03/15/06 Emergency Preparedness Management of Medical Practice; Medical Informatics   Dinah Cannefax
03/15/06 Update on Prostate Cancer   ppt Homa Jackson Porter, II, MD
03/14/06 Resident's Conference: Medicine as Portrayed Throught Art Humanism On request (file too large to post) Nabeel Farah, MD
03/10/06 Procedures Conference: Capsule Endoscaopy and Endoscopic Ultrasound Gastroenterology ppt R. Jain, MD
03/08/06 Cerebrovascular Functioning with Aging and with Alzheimer’s Disease Scientific Literacy ppt Rong Zhang, PhD
03/01/06 Use of Antiarrhythmic Agents in Patients with an ICD   ppt Teresa M. Menendez Hood, MD
March Cardiology Updates      
02/28/06 Resident's Conference: Evaluating the Medical Literature Qualitative Clinical Reasoning ppt S. Das, MD
02/21/06 The Medicare Drug Benefit The Management of Medical Practice ppt Dorothy Sherwood, MD
02/17/06 Procedures Conference: Procedures in Interventional Cardiology Cardiology ppt K. Saland, MD
02/15/06 Point of Care Testing – Perils and Pitfalls   ppt Beverly Dickson, MD
02/14/06 Resident's Conference: Multiple Myeloma   ppt C. Lan, MD
02/10/06 Humanities Conference: Spain in the Medieval Times - Humanism ppt A. Quiceno, MD
02/08/06 Gender Differences – Why Women Faint     Qi Fu, MD, PhD
February Allergy/Dermatology Updates      
02/01/06 Breast Cancer Prevention – The Art and the Science   ppt Kristi J. McIntyre, MD
01/31/06 Resident's Conference: Preoperative Cardiac Evaluation   ppt J. Hastie, MD
01/25/06 80-Year Olds Do The Darndest Things Humanism   M. Carroll, MD
01/18/06 The spot and the pet.   ppt G. Weinstein, MD
01/17/06 Resident's Conference: Hand-offs Management of Quality of Health Care, Continuity of Care ppt Dalia Galicia, MD
01/11/06 Research at PHD: Obesity and Pulmonary Function Scientific Literacy ppt Tony Babb, PhD
01/04/06 CML     Minal Barve, MD
01/03/06 Resident's Conference: PAH   ppt Xiaosong Zhao, MD
January Endocrinology Update      
12/21/05 William Tscheumy Lecture Series: Metabolic Syndrome Scientific Literacy   Joseph L. Goldstein, MD
12/21/05 A Tribute to the Teacher     D.Sherwood, MD
12/14/05 Update on Biological Terrorism Clinical Epidemiology ppt Edward Goodman, MD
12/14/05 Ascites with Mass Cardiology ppt Kenneth Saland, MD
12/13/05 Resident’s Conference: Screening Guidelines Preventive Medicine ppt, AHQR Seth Yandell, MD
12/08/05 Procedures Conference: Echocardiography Cardiology   J. Cheriif, MD
12/07/05 Research at PHD Series (IEEM) Scientific Literacy, Occupational and Environmental Medicine ppt Craig Crandall, PhD
11/30/05 EPIC Update Medical Informatics   Ferdinand Velasco, MD (THR)
11/30/05 Culture Negative Endocarditis Infectious Disease ppt Gebre Tseggay, MD
11/29/05 Resident’s Conference: Multiple Sclerosis, Optic Neuritis, and the Optic Nerve Study Neurology ppt H. Winslow, MD
11/17/05 Literature and Medicine Humanities Literature page J. Harper, MD
11/16/05 PML- an emerging epidemic? Infectious Disease ppt E. Goodman, MD
11/15/05 Resident’s Conference: Adrenal Incidentaloma   ppt R. Dunagin, MD

Research at PHD Series - IEEM

Scientific Literacy ppt Benjamin Levine, MD (IEEM)
11/2/05 RAAS Blockade Post MI Cardiology   J. Cheirif, MD
11/0105 Resident’s Conference: Hypertensive Emergencies Cardiology ppt Lakshmi Beeravolu, MD
November Hematology-Oncology Update      
10/26/05 The Perils of Travel Internal Medicine ppt Jeffrey Phillips, MD
10/21/05 Resident’s Conference: DKA Endocrinology ppt Ji Yeon Lee, MD
10/19/05 Crohn's...and Infectious Disease? Gastroenterology Persley
A. Liddel, MD and K. Persley, MD
10/12/05 The New World of Cardiac CT Cardiology   Jorge Cheirif, MD
10/11/05 Resident’s Conference: Interpretation and Management of Abnormal Concentrations of High Density Lipoprotein-Cholesterol (HDL-C) Cardiology, Endocrinology ppt Jorge Mera, MD
10/07/05 Humanities Conference: India Humanism   Lakshmi Beeravolu, MD
10/05/05 Age Related Macular Degeneration - Research at PHD Series Ophthalmology pdf A. Edwards, MD
October Gastroenterology Update      
09/28/05 Obesity - is it all Insulin?   ppt Heidi Shea, MD
09/27/05 Resident Conference: Andropause Endocrinology ppt D. Wildes, MD
09/23/05 Anticonvulsant Medications   ref. Mark Agostini, MD

Epidemic of Polymyositis?

  ppt Jack Cush, MD
 09/16/05 Clinical Vignette: Approach to the patient with Neurodegenerative Disease Neurology ppt  M Quiceno, MD
09/14/05 Hyperthermia Revisited General Internal Medicine ppt James Knochel, MD
09/13/05 Resident Conference: All Red Eye Isn't Pink Eye Ophthalmology ppt M. Dacey, MD
09/07/05 Contextualizing Death Ethics ppt Sonya Merrill, MD, PhD
09/07/05 Surgical Approach to Crohn's Disease Colorectal Surgery Raymond Staniunas, M.D
September Internal Medicine Update: Neuorology


Oto-Laryngology: Head and Neck Malignancies



E. Bates, MD


Myelodysplastic Syndrome



Gill Kirkpatrick, MD


Orthopaedics: Physical Exam of the Knee and Shoulder



R. Scheinberg, MD

08/17/05 Sudden Cardiac Death with a Normal Heart Cardiology ppt B. Le, MD
08/16/05 Resident Conference: Cutaneous Manifestations of Internal Disease Dermatology ppt H. McDonald, MD


 Ophthalmology: Diabetic Retinopthy



Albert Edwards, MD

08/10/05 Infertility with PCOS Endocrinology Jerald Goldstein, MD


Resident Conference: Refractive Surgury



C. Falknor, MD

08/03/05 Metastatic Melanoma 20 years after Diagnosis Oncology V. Kinsella, MD
August Internal Medicine Update:
07/28/05 Resident Conference: Thrombocytopenia in the ICU Hematology ppt M He, MD
07/27/05 Asthma – Up to Date Pulmonary ppt Suneel Kumar, MD
07/22/05 Humanities Conference: Columbia Humanism A. Quiceno, MD
07/20/05 Ethics: From Quinlan to Schiiavo: Medical, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Severe Brain Injuries Medical Ethics R. Fine, MD
07/20/05 Neurological Presentation of a Paraneoplastic Syndrome Neurology ppt C. Chen, MD
07/13/05 Re-visiting Hypokalemia Nephrology ppt S Rinner, MD
07/06/05 A Case of PANDAS Infectious Disease ppt E. Goodman, MD
July Internal Medicine Update: Nephrology
6/30/05 How to be a good Intern Humanism, Professionalism, Medical Ethics; Lifelong Learning ppt S. Rinner, MD
6/29/05 Rheumatology: A Zebra or Duck? Rheumatology ppt K Dao, MD
6/22/05 Acute HIV Infectious Disease ppt Allison Liddell, MD
6/21/05 Residient's Conference: Hodgkin's Lymphoma Oncology ppt C. Lan, MD
6/15/05 Hepatitis B – What’s New Gastroenterology ppt  William Stevens, MD
6/13/05 End of Life Humanism, Medical Ethics  ppt D Sherwood, MD
6/8/05 Breast Cancer: New Development in Diagnosis and Treatment Oncology Minal Barve, MD
6/7/05 Resident's Conference: World Traveler Humanities N. Farah, MD
6/3/05 Patient Safety Management of Quality of Health Care D Sherwood, MD
6/1/05 Quiddities of the Middle Eastern Front

David Maldonado, III, MD
(U.S. Air Force – Yorktown, VA)

6/1/05 Stories from Iraq Humanities D. Maldonado, III, MD
June Internal Medicine Update: Pulmonary
5/31/05 Resident’s Conference: Autoimmune hepatitis Gastroenterology ppt Michael Le, MD
5/25/05 Prevention and Treatment of Thromboembolism Arthur P. Wheeler, MD
5/20/05  CPC Pulmonary W. Rousseau, MD
5/19/05 Resident’s Conference: ppt J. Mera, MD
5/18/05 Revisiting Depression Leslie Secrest, MD
5/18/05 Restless Legs ppt Philip Becker, MD
5/17/05 Resident Conference: Red Eyes Ophthalmology ppt - very large file Michael Lloyd, MD
5/13/05 Resident Conference: Medical Passage to India  Humanism ppt- very large file Sonya Merrill, MD
5/11/05 Current Management of Congestive Heart Failure John Tan, MD
5/11/05 Migraine Headaches Stuart Black, MD
5/4/05 Celiac Disease: The Clinical Imposter of the 21st Century Alessio Fasano, MD
5/4/05 Ethical Issues in the Terri Schiavo Case ppt Richard Voet, MD; Lisa Clark, MD
5/3/05 Resident’s Conference: Hepatitis B ppt Brent Whitworth, MD
May General Internal Medicine Update Month
4/27/05 Report on the FDA Process for Dealing with COX 2 Inhibitors ppt John J. Cush, MD
4/20/05 Ulcerative Colitis Update ppt, path slides Kimberly Persley, MD
4/19/05 Resident's Conference: Carcinoid Tumors ppt K. Hursey, MD
 04/13/05 Acid Reflux – New Approach to Old Problem  ppt Jason Phillips, MD
04/04/05 Nutrition - Part II "AHA Guideline" "Renal Guidelines" Nutrition ppt and Nutrition Services
Janalou Phelan, Lynda March, Nita Purcell - PHD Nutrition Services
04/01/05 Nutrition - Part I "What do I Eat?" "US Guidelines" Nutrition
April Infectious Diseases Update Month
03/31/05 A Resident’s Guide to Starting a Medical Practice Texas Medical Association
03/30/05 Hepcidin – The Culprit’… Iron Homeostasis Renal Failure ppt Bruce Wall, MD
03/23/05 Adjuvant Chemo in Colon Cancer – What is New and Exciting ppt Lalan Wilfong, MD
03/22/05 Everything You Wanted to Know about Heuristics, but Were Afraid to Ask Scientific Literacy ppt S. Das, MD
03/18/05 CPC Conference: Metastisis and the Eye Albert Edwards, MD
03/16/05 Diabetic Nephropathy – Protein is not what it use to be - Sumit Kumar, MD
03/9/05 Intensive Management of Diabetes in the Hospital ppt Richard Sachson, MD
03/08/05 Resident’s Conference: PNH ppt Dalia Galicia, MD
March Cardiology Update Month
02/23/05 Viruses of our Time Series – HPV ppt E. Goodman, MD
02/22/05 Resident’s Conference: Renal Tubular Acidosis ppt J. Lone, MD
02/18/05 Pancreatic Cysts ppt Rajeev Jain, MD
02/11/05 Resident’s Conference: Adenocarcinoma of the Colon ppt Ming He, MD
02/09/05 Update from the ABIM on Maintenance of Certification Management of Medical Practice D. Sherwood, MD
02/08/05 CPC Conference: D-lactic acidosis

case, presentation, review Ref. 1

J. P. Knochel, MD
2/02/05 Aspirin Resistance: Does it Exist and is it Clinically Important ppt M. Feldman, MD
February Dermatology/Allery Update Month
1/26/05 Pregnancy and Lupus ppt A Quiceno, MD
1/25/05 Resident’s Conference: Aseptic Menigitis ppt Seth Yandell, MD
1/12/05 Update in PET Scanning Nuclear Medicine available upon request
(very large file)
P Barr, MD
1/11/05 Residents Conference :: Dyslilpidemias   ppt M. Zamanian, MD
1/06/05 CPC Conference case. presentation W. Stevens, MD
1/05/05 Early Arthritis Clinic Rheumatology  ppt J.J. Cush, MD
January Endocrinology Update Month